Zijiang establishes Pepsi third-party hot filling bottle center laboratory

The first Chinese third-party thermo bottle central laboratory approved by the International Pepsi Cola was recently established and put into use in the Zijiang Enterprise Share Container Packaging Business. In early 2011, Thermo Bottle Labs successfully obtained third-party certification from International PepsiCo, demonstrating that the laboratory has the technical ability to conduct testing and calibration services in accordance with international standards for accreditation, and is authorized to undertake related testing services externally, thereby enabling container packaging. The Department's central laboratory has become the only company in the world that PepsiCo has the qualifications for the detection of cold and hot bottles in China, which greatly enhances the company's image and market influence and wins more trust from its customers.

It is reported that the central laboratory of the Container Packaging Business Unit was actually established as early as October 2003. In the early stage, it mainly focused on the analysis, research, development, and testing of new raw materials for the molding of PET raw materials; since 2007, the laboratory began to perform preforms on regional companies. , Beverage bottles do checks, and establish a laboratory management system in accordance with relevant standards, norms and norms. Through the system programmatic operation, the work quality of the laboratories is guaranteed, and the testing ability and work level have been improved. By the end of 2008, The laboratory received the international Pepsi-Certified qualification for third-party cold-bottles, and since 2009, it has conducted annual cold-bottle acceptance inspections for 12 Pepsi-Cola bottle suppliers under the Container Packaging Division. The data directly provides international PepsiCo; The related test business highlights the competitiveness of Zijiang.

At the end of 2009, the laboratory took charge of the on-site operation capability evaluation of the regional factories, and started to apply for the international Pepsi thermos testing qualification and laboratory transformation. During the period, the company improved cold/hot dual-use bottle blowing machines, independently developed HR thermos bottle filling machines, and multi-functional capping machines; it also purchased special testing instruments with advanced and convenient features. After the renovation, the laboratory's testing projects cover almost all detection and analysis projects for PET raw materials, preforms, water bottles, cold bottles, thermo bottles, and oil bottles. The hardware and software facilities have reached the leading level in the country, and the professional detection capabilities have been peers. Recognition and praise.

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