Method for controlling sticky back of color prints

Dirty prints are a common failure in color printing. The occurrence of such failures will inevitably affect the printing quality, and it will result in the mass scrapping of products, which will bring great losses to the company. There are many reasons that cause the prints to become dirty, such a-----

Tetra TT/3 180V XH Double Line Filling Machine

Tetra Pak introduced a new generation of TT/3 180V XH two-line filling machine for cold storage products. It can produce all Tetra Crown branded paper packages, including a variety of widths and heights, equipped with various straw opening or extension papers. Top lid of Tetra Pak packaging. The -----

Prevention of smearing and scratching in card printing

Card printing often encounters dirty or scratched phenomenon, especially glossy paper or PVC card. How to overcome such disadvantages has become an unavoidable issue for some high-end users. As a manufacturer of card printing presses, we are indispensable, and we should rush for users to find a so-----

Handan Machinery Launches Two Packaging New Equipment

Shantou City Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently launched two new equipment SZJP-PF-PP foaming units and SZJP-LY-PP high-speed cast sheet units, praised by users. SZJP-PF-PP mainly has 800, 1300 and 1600 specifications. The series of PP foam sheet units have been favored by the users o-----

Types and Composition of Digital Printing Inks (I)

      Liquid digital printing inks are often used for ink jet printing. The type of ink is related to the structure of ink heads of ink jet printers. The ink heads can be divided into two types: thermal compression type and piezoelectric type. Piezoelectric type is divided into high-----

HP Short Print Solutions

In the printing industry, it usually includes various workflows such as the input of print content, design and printing, boring, bronzing, laminating and other processes. However, for short-run printing and small-batch output business projects, printing companies often have Not negotiable, the mai-----