Top ten brands of polished tiles for home decoration

Ceramic tiles are one of the necessary building materials for home decoration. High-quality ceramic tiles not only prevent water seepage, are easy to clean and manage, but also decorate the room well. There are many ceramic tile products on the market. Polished tiles are a commonly used cer-----

Three eye masks quickly eliminate dark circles

Eye cream, eye gel, these eye products need to be used for a long time to be effective, with the eye mask can eliminate dark circles faster. DIY eye mask - it can be said that it does not cost money! First, cucumber eye mask Cucumber eye mask can make the skin become brighter. It is very suitab-----

10099-141 fetal calf serum Australia Gibco original

10099-141 fetal bovine serum Australia Gibco original one, fetal bovine serum 1, traits, appearance light yellow clarification, no hemolysis, no foreign matter slightly viscous liquid. 2, protein content 3.5% ~ 5.0% (w / v) 3, hemoglobin content ≤ 0.02% (w / v) 4, sterility test negative 5, my-----