Precision Colorimeter TCLR-50

Precision colorimeter TCLR-50 type technical parameters: 1. Measurement range: 5-500PCU2. Resolution: 0.01PCU3. Basic error: ? ± 3% (FS) 4. Color change: ≤ 2% 5. Size: Main unit? 266mm × 200mm × 130mm6.???? Weight: less than 1kg7.????? Normal use conditions: (1)? Ambient temperature-----

Desert Tower | Super Big House: Funny Mexican Hat

The Mexican hat is probably one of North America's most exotic rocks. It is named after the Mexican traditional wide-brimmed hat. This big house route is a classic equipment climbing route. Kaile Stone sponsored athlete Liu Yuqing and Taiwanese woman climber Yi Siting finally stood on this wo-----

Do you need a wall tile for the balcony?

Does the balcony need to be tiled? The decoration of the balcony is not only related to the health and safety of the owners, but also directly related to the quality of the living environment. Therefore, the majority of owners also maintain a high degree of attention to the decoration of th-----