The taboo and packaging design of international trade

What is taboo? Simply speaking, taboos are people, things, or things that ordinary people must avoid. International trade taboos are words and actions that should not be talked about in international trade. Business can not ignore taboos, and packaging design must also take taboos seriously. Diffe-----

Screen printing ink to the green development

Screen printing is a printing method capable of printing on all materials and substrates with different shapes except air and water, and the printing ink layer thickness can reach 60 micrometers, which is 4 times the thickness of the gravure ink layer. Ink printing has always played an important r-----

Thermal paper label misplacement

Once, the customer reported that it was also the product of Glassine. The blue base paper had no problem on the thermal printer but the white base paper had the problem of misalignment. The main manifestation is that after printing a few sheets, the printing position gradually shifts forward or ba-----

Milk boxed packaging materials and printing

Boxed milk is a large variety of fresh milk packaging. Liquid milk of various preservation methods has almost boxed milk. What is the manufacturing process for this kind of packaging? What are the requirements for liquid milk for this packaging? This article will briefly introduce the four aspects-----

Double packaging to extend bread shelf life

A French inventor has developed a novel packaging method that can make the bread's fresh taste more durable while reducing mold and reducing production costs. The double-packaging system designed by Joel Gourlain creates a layer of modified gas around the bread to keep it in optimum air press-----

Corrugated board printing

introduction Economic development, fierce market competition, and increased economic affordability and aesthetic awareness have promoted the improvement of product 91 and packaging quality. Landscaping has become a beautification of goods and propaganda. An important means to promote sales. The p-----