Watsons Rose Dream Girl BB Cream debut

The delicate cream is very malleable and skin-friendly, and the wisdom adjusts the color effect of the skin. The extract of rose extract effectively whitens and moisturizes the skin. The whitening factor deeply penetrates the skin, whitening and moisturizing, and the pores are invisible to make the-----

Brief Description of Plate Technology

The printing plate is an important part of the printing supply chain, and it also determines the quality of the printing. Therefore, when the printing buyer purchases the printing plate, he must understand its technical characteristics and development trends, and according to Make your own decisio-----

Plastic bottles can be reused

The plastic bottles of mineral water, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, and other beverages that are currently on the market are beautiful in appearance, stylish in design, and easy to carry, and are very popular among people. After drinking the beverage, it is reluctant to throw it away and kee-----

Glass bottles mixed polyurethane more light perception

In the hot melt of glass bottles, what would happen if you added polyurethane as a chemical raw material? ! Let's experiment. The result is as follows: After the glass bottle solution is added with the polyurethane raw material, the produced glass bottle has more light perception. And wear, pr-----