Simple make-up tips for summer hydrated skin

Summer always makes people love and hate. It was a season of going out to play, but they often worried about flower makeup or skin being sunburned. Today, we solve troubles for everyone and use simple makeup techniques to easily create moisturized skin . 1: It is very important to use a thin found-----

Moisturizing makeup makes you youthless

If you want to be a beauty-free woman, then try to moisturize your makeup. The moisturizing makeup will make your skin look younger and moisturized, just like natural. Today, Xiaobian recommends several makeup tips for you to make you look good and make a beauty without age. Step 1 I want to make-----

Fascinating makeup that is never outdated

Now the trend is changing too fast, a makeup may not be too late to appreciate, a new creative make-up may replace it, in fact, the highlights of makeup do not need so much, just a little. As long as you master the highlights of make-up, your makeup will never be outdated. The following small serie-----

Xu Weilei's explosive head summer style

Eason Chan's wife, Xu Wei, is also a fashionista. Recently, she changed her previous elegant image. A thunderous explosion appeared in front of the public. In the summer of this coming, this year, the "explosive head" "hot" started. Let's take a look. Oh. Retro explosio-----