The overall practice of overall wardrobe maintenance

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Because the whole wardrobe has its unique environmental protection professional and other characteristics, it has become the darling of home decoration, but many consumers will buy the whole wardrobe after they go home but do not know how to maintain it, today with Xiaobian Let's take a look at the specific method of maintaining the whole wardrobe:

When using, pay attention to balance, avoid placing it in a place with high temperature, strong vibration, humidity or direct sunlight, and keep the room ventilated. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids on the surface of the whole wardrobe, such as sprinkling, banana water, gasoline, water, nail polish, strong acid, strong alkali and so on.

When there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, use a wool or soft cloth to remove dust. If there is stain on the surface, use a wax to remove it. It is best to do regular care according to the actual situation. If you have the conditions, you can often apply oil to the veneer.

Try to avoid damage to the ring or scratch the surface of the wardrobe. If the surface is slightly scratched and bruised, use a mixture of cloth ash and lemon juice or fried oil to dry it. After drying, it can be waxed; if the scratch is deeper, it will be more Serious, you need to reconcile the same color paint;

Regularly check the connecting parts and find that the loose parts are tightened in time. If the disassembly or assembly is caused by disassembly and assembly, the relevant brand stores should be notified in time to assist in handling.

Metal parts can only be wiped gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not use chemical cleaner or acidic liquid. If it is found to have black spots on the surface, it can be wiped with a little kerosene.

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