Common breakdown fault classification

Compression failure is one of the most common failures in the printing process. Regardless of size, simplicity, or complexity, failures are nothing more than three conditions: unexpected failures, natural failures, and human failures. Any of these three cases, once they occur, will cause trouble for the printing work. Here are the three simplest examples to illustrate.

1, sudden failure

The so-called sudden failure refers to a failure that the machine suddenly encountered during normal work. This failure may be caused by an accident or it may occur inadvertently. If a 08 machine is in printing, the paper is jammed, causing no pressure. According to normal conditions, the paper jam will leave the pressure, remove the bad paper, you can reboot. But this is not the case. The bad roller of the paper card has not been separated from the pressure. Only pressing the parking button and then turning on the ink roller handle rebounds to indicate the pressure. For this kind of situation, experienced operators, the first thing that comes to mind is the voltage strip of the front gauge, because the voltage strip is too high and does not come into contact with the paper table, which can cause the main pressure to escape. After the voltage plate is pressed down, try the car again. Once it is away from the pressure, the fault is due to this. Why does this failure occur? This is due to the fact that the paper is deformed after the card is damaged, and the sheet is quickly jerked by the paper, and the voltage plate is touched up to no end.

2, natural fault

Natural faults refer to faults caused by aging of electrical components, worn parts, and variations. Some of these faults are due to electrical reasons, while others are due to mechanical reasons. Such as: some machines, in the printing can not close the pressure, open the shield to check the line is not broken, when the pressure electromagnetic electromagnetic action. Press the button continuously and occasionally press the button again to close it. Obviously there is no problem in the electrical box inside the electrical box. Since the electromagnet is working, there is no abnormality in the button and the line. Further inspecting the pressurizing mechanism of the roller, it was found that when the pressure is combined, the pawl and the impact block are not in place, and the screw of the fixing frame of the electromagnet is loosened and moved outwards, so that the action of the electromagnet fails to meet the requirements. The electromagnets are re-fixed and then closed again. This fault is caused by the repetitive movement of the electromagnet, coupled with the mechanical vibrations, which, over time, causes the fixing screws to loosen naturally.

3, human failure

Faults that are intentionally or unintentionally caused are considered to be human faults. In the printing work, human failures often occur. Man-made pressure failure is no exception. For example, if a machine is at work, no matter whether it is a blank sheet or a paper jam, it will never stop flying or leave the machine. Using a folded paper, the voltage gauge of the front gauge was measured to confirm that the voltage gauge was in normal contact with the iron platform and that no excessive phenomenon occurred. Check the buttons and switches again and notice the problem. The switch that was originally placed on the large sheet was pulled out in the empty sheet. This switch has three functions. One is the big sheet, the second is the small sheet, and the third is the empty sheet. When the printed sheet is opened for four sheets, the front sheet should be poured inside and the switch should be placed in the sheetlet. If you leave it empty, there will be no pressure. Pull it back and work normally.

From the above three cases of the most common minor faults, we can see that each fault has its own uniqueness and representativeness, and of course there is also a certain connection. Therefore, we should summarize some similar small experiences for reference by peers so that the work can proceed smoothly.

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