Talking about the safe use of trilogy in high and low temperature test chambers

It is well known that high and low temperature test chambers have a wide temperature range, and standard equipment can be used at temperatures as low as -70 ° C and high temperatures as high as 150 ° C. Applied to various industries, the issue of the safe use of equipment has always been a commonplace. This chapter is a summary of the three major considerations in the use of high and low temperature test chambers:

First of all, high and low temperature test chamber installation safety

(1) The test box power supply uses a three-phase five-wire system. The neutral line must be distinguished when the test box is installed. Because part of the load and control system is single-phase, the wrong connection to the neutral line will result in inoperability and damage. The grounding wire of the test box is equipped with a grounding wire column to ensure that it is well grounded and safe and reliable.

(2) The test box should be placed in a well-ventilated place, because the equipment generates heat during work and is convenient for heat dissipation. Also, be careful not to get close to strong magnetic fields, strong vibrations, and flammable or explosive materials.

Second, high and low temperature test chamber test sample safety

(1) Equipment shall never be allowed to test for flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, strong radiation and volatile materials.

(2) The equipment is not allowed to be repaired and handled during the test.

(3) It is not allowed to connect the test sample power supply to the laboratory except that the equipment has reserved the power supply interface of the test sample.

Finally, personal safety during the use of high and low temperature test chambers

(1) A test box with high safety performance shall have a leakage short-circuit safety protection device, an air switch protection device, and the water circuit shall be completely separated. Even if the safety performance of the equipment is well designed, the user should not touch the electrical parts under working conditions to avoid accidents.

(2) When the test chamber is used for high temperature test, the temperature in the laboratory is very high; at low temperature, the temperature in the laboratory is very low, and the tester cannot open the door. Care should be taken to open the door after the test. Wear high-low temperature gloves to prevent burns or frostbite.

(3) When the freezer is working, the temperature of the exhaust copper pipe is also high, and the tester must not touch it.

Before using the high and low temperature test chamber, the tester should read the instruction manual carefully, follow the steps and regular maintenance correctly, not only reduce the equipment failure rate, but also effectively place other accidents.


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