Structural requirements for special UV aging test chambers for vulcanized rubber industry

The vulcanized rubber industry needs to be exposed to weathering tests under alternating UV light and condensation conditions. Before purchasing the UV aging test chamber, you should know whether the box structure can meet your test requirements. The test box requirements are as follows:

1. The UV aging test chamber is equipped with two rows of 4 fluorescent lamps per row, equipped with a heating water tank, a sample holder, a blackboard thermometer, a device for controlling and indicating the working time and temperature.

2. Fluorescent lamps are divided into five types: UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, UV-D and UV-E. Different types of fluorescent lamps have different maximum peak radiation wavelengths. Unless otherwise specified, UV-B lamps are generally required. The fluorescent light energy output is gradually attenuated with the use time. In order to reduce the impact on the test due to the attenuation of light energy, every 1/4 of the fluorescent lamp life time in the 8 defluorescent lamp is replaced by a new lamp in each row. The old lamp makes the fluorescent lamp change regularly in order, so that the ultraviolet light source is always composed of the new lamp and the old lamp, and a constant output light energy is obtained.

3. UV aging test chamber The sample holder is composed of a frame base frame, a liner plate and a tension spring. The frame base and liner panels are made of aluminum alloy front material.

4. The blackboard thermometer consists of a 75mm*10mm*2.5mm black aluminum plate connected to the temperature sensor. It should be in the center of the exposure so that it reflects the test temperature as much as possible.

5, according to the conditions and needs, you can use the radiation meter or standard material to determine the light energy received by the sample.

6. The radiation meter has an integrated illuminometer and a radiometer.


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