Use space to create a beautiful cloakroom with five cloakroom designs

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] has a cloakroom of its own, is the common wish of many girls. With the improvement of living standards and the pursuit of beauty, more and more people will choose to design a cloakroom during the renovation to add more comfort to life. The beautiful cloakroom makes people fall in love at first sight, and the beauty of dressing up is a good mood every day. How to make use of space to make a beautiful cloakroom? Let's take a look at the five cloakroom designs.

Cloakroom design plan 1: space sharing

Cloakroom design

Cloakroom design

It is convenient and intimate to design a cloakroom in the outer space of the bathroom. The wooden hangers, wardrobes and bathroom accessories belong to the same style, and the two spaces are connected together in temperament.

Cloakroom Design 2 : Modern Design

Cloakroom design

Cloakroom design

The entire cloakroom wall is surrounded by mirrors, making such a small space instantly larger. The door also adopts a transparent glass style sliding door, which ensures the visual line penetration of the space. The black special wall is very nice and echoes the internal white suspended cabinet.

Cloakroom design plan 3: Japanese style

Cloakroom renovation

Cloakroom design

The most prominent feature of the Japanese style is that it is simple and natural, so the cloakroom is naturally designed to be small and simple. The wooden cabinets and shelves are paired with white walls, and the fence-like style is the only embellishment in a simple environment.

Cloakroom design plan 4: long and narrow space

Cloakroom design

Cloakroom design

The same narrow cloakroom features integral furniture, and the two-sided symmetrical locker has a powerful storage and display function. Clothes, hats, shoes, bags and the like are not a problem at all. Putting a small table and a stool at the end is a good makeup area.

Cloakroom design plan 5: wood space

Cloakroom design

Cloakroom design

The design of the shades of the dark woods brings a good visual experience. The narrow space is not only the aisle, but also the cabinet with sufficient storage space. The light on the top of the head is bright enough, so the small cloakroom is believed to be suitable for use in any room type.

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