Jump out of the wrong zone, winter hiking shoes purchase from these four points

Regarding hiking shoes, the first misunderstanding is that the same pair of hiking shoes are worn in all seasons, because the shoes have different functions to meet the travel demand as the temperature changes. For example, summer hiking shoes should have good air permeability and light fabrics, so they don't feel stuffy when wearing them; in winter, they should emphasize warmth and non-slip. Although it is only a difference in details, the benefits of some small designs can be fully reflected in the long walk.

First, the outer fabric

When choosing winter hiking shoes, you can look from the outside to the inside. The outer fabric should be waterproof to prevent snow and rain from penetrating into the shoes and frostbite the feet. The fewer seams on the surface, the better. Always spray the anti-watering agent as a whole after the shoes are returned. It is best to spray once every two to three times, that is, four to six days. The water repellent not only protects against water, but also prevents the upper from getting wet.

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Second, the inner fabric

Then, look at the inner layer of the shoes, mainly to see the thickness and breathability of the fabric, it is best to keep warm and breathable, so that after the mountain sweating, the temperature difference is not too large. In winter, high-top hiking shoes are generally chosen to keep warm, and on the other hand, to better protect the ankle joint. In winter, the muscles of the human body are relatively stiff, and in winter, it is easier to sprain the feet, so the high-top design is essential.

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Third, the sole material

Look at the soles, here is not to look at the outsole of the shoes, but the midsole part of the shoes. Some big brands of winter shoes are made of thick foamed material in the midsole. The shock absorption energy is on the one hand. For the winter, the main thing is to keep warm, and the feeling of the soles of the feet is not good. In the winter, it is often walked on snow and ice, and the sole should pay attention to the pattern with thick pattern and deep texture. If you go to some ice, or do some snow mountain climbing, you should consider the matching problem between shoes and crampons.

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Fourth, try shoes in advance

In the winter, you should wear warm and thick socks to keep the temperature of your feet. Therefore, when you buy shoes, remember to wear thick socks to test shoes. New shoes that you buy should be worn more, don't wait until you go hiking, so as not to be familiar with the performance of the shoes.

When climbing, wearing hiking shoes should follow the principle of “lifting up the mountain laces and tightening the laces down the mountain”. Especially when going down the mountain, you should put your body weight on the heel. If the whole foot is on the ground, it will slip easily. Winter travel is more difficult and dangerous, and shoes are the main means of transportation when we climb, so the problem of choosing shoes and shoes should not be sloppy.

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