Those things you must know when shopping for wallpapers

Whether it is renovation of the old house, partial renovation, or want to bring some highlights to the home. Wallpapers may be one of the very good materials. It is easy to install and has a wide variety of colors. It also adds a lot of color to the walls of the living room, and can compensate for some of the shortcomings of the wall. There are also some friends who love DIY, and they use the beauty of their living room layout. This will take a look at how to use the wallpaper correctly and change the skin color of the home more easily.

Wallpaper installation is fast and convenient

The most common installation of wallpaper is the first step. After applying the adhesive on the site, it will be attached to the wallpaper. It can be completed in 1-2 days according to the paving area. This type of installation service is usually available to merchants who purchase wallpapers. In addition, there is a more convenient adhesive wallpaper, because the back of the wallpaper is sticky, so no need for professionals, you can do it yourself.

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Special needs special selection

Non-woven fabrics, fabric wallpapers - dealing with small cracked walls

Many building walls will have small cracks. It is more suitable to use non-woven wallpaper and fabric wallpaper with tension or elasticity. Fabric surface wallpaper, such as cotton, hemp, silk, silk, wool, chemical fiber, thin felt, etc., is soft and has a certain elasticity, and is most suitable for small crack walls.

Moisture-proof, waterproof wallpaper----response to bathroom wall

Waterproof wallpapers usually have many advantages such as soundproofing. Even if the bathing time is longer, there will be some damp water drops on the wallpaper, which can be cleaned by wiping, and the sound of the water in the bathroom will not affect the sleep in the room.

Pure paper wallpaper - more suitable for children's room wall

The pure paper wallpaper is based on the base of the paper, and the surface layer is also the wallpaper of paper. It is divided into thick single-layer paper and double-layer paper. It is relatively environmentally friendly. It is the wallpaper designated by children's houses in European countries. It is also the most commonly used on the market. One of the wallpapers.

Special material wallpaper----local embellishment

For special effects, you can choose special wallpapers such as metal wallpaper, fluorescent wallpaper, and stereo wallpaper. For example, the metal surface wallpaper is specially treated with gold, silver or copper foil, or coated with a metal film. The effect is very bright. But this kind of special wallpaper is more suitable for partial wall.

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Wallpaper, that's the point.

1, the wallpaper is upturned

After the sticking, the drying time is too fast, and the sun exposure causes uneven shrinkage, which will cause local lifting. If it is upturned, it can be treated with a wallpaper glue brush at the curled edge. If it is a wide range of lifting, you should tear it off and re-paste the wallpaper.

2, wallpaper bubbles

The bubble in the wallpaper is mainly caused by the unevenness of the glue coating or the smoothing of the glue. It can be scraped off with a scraper after pasting, or cut off the wallpaper with a knife or a syringe to release the air, then inject the glue and flatten it.

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3, matching skills

(1) A large wallpaper can increase the visual impact and reduce the sense of restraint in the space. The small pattern is more warm and makes the space feel more spacious.

(2) Vertical stripes wallpaper with light ceilings can make the room look taller, while regular patterns of wallpaper can reflect a moderate aesthetic.

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Wallpaper alternative magic

In fact, there are many ways in which wallpaper can be played. It can be laid and folded. It can be easily decorated in a few steps and become a beautiful landscape.

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Gypsum board + wallpaper = exquisite background wall

Use gypsum to make ditch and paste wallpaper, which is very suitable for European style home style. It is usually used for TV and bedroom wall, which is the most affordable coup.

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Picture frame + wallpaper = beautiful decorative painting

The wallpaper turned into a beautiful decorative painting. If you don't have beautiful photos, then take advantage of the wallpaper scraps and decorate them with a photo frame.

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Wallpaper climbs the door = chic landscape

The use of wallpaper to decorate wooden doors is extremely distinctive, making the door's scenery even more distinctive. The wallpaper does not seem to have to be laid over a large area, and the partial decoration can also have a stunning effect.

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Secret inside the drawer

Use the wallpaper for the inner wall of the drawer, and use the pattern to embellish the cabinet to help enrich the vision. It can be replaced with mood preferences, which is quite convenient.

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Wallpaper to do the bottom = the new background of the bookcase

If you think that the white bookcase is too monotonous, it is better to put a beautiful wallpaper, even if the plain bookcase stands out, the partial use of the wallpaper highlights the visual tension it brings.

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Wallpaper to make a lampshade = wonderful lighting

Old-fashioned lights can also be radiant. We just need to put the shades of the wallpaper out and put them on, so that the lamps will be young and energetic.

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