The role of product packaging

Product packaging has two meanings. The first refers to the container and external packaging of the product, that is, the packaging equipment; the second refers to the operation process of the packaging product, that is, the packaging method. In actual work, the two are often difficult to separate, so collectively referred to as product packaging. 

Product packaging is a process necessary to protect the integrity of product quantity and quality. As the packaging of products directly affects the value and sales of products, for most products, packaging is an indispensable condition for the transportation, storage and sale of products. 

(1) Protection of the product, which is the main purpose and important function of the packaging. Products must be transported and stored throughout the entire distribution process from the factory to the user. Even if they are in the hands of users, there are problems with storage from the beginning to the end of use. In transportation, the product may experience vibrations, extrusions, impacts, impacts, wind, sun exposure, rain, etc. It may also be subject to temperature, humidity, insects, rat bites, dust damage, and contamination during storage. Reasonable packaging can protect the product from the influence of the natural environment and external forces in the process of circulation, thereby protecting the use value of the product, so that the product entity will not be damaged, lost, deteriorated and deformed. 

(2) Improve product storage and transportation efficiency. Packaging plays a central role in small products. There are distinctive marks on the packaging bag or wrapping paper, which are convenient for loading, unloading, handling and stacking, which facilitates the simplification of the hand-over procedures of the products and thus significantly improves work efficiency. The size, length and height of the outer package, and the weight match with the standard weight and volume of the vehicle are of great significance for improving the utilization rate of transportation tools, saving power and freight. 

(3) Easy to use. Appropriate packaging can also serve to facilitate use and guide consumption. The instructions, precautions, etc. on the package are of important guiding significance for the use, maintenance, and preservation of products by consumers or users. 

(4) Promote product sales. Product packaging also has the role of identification and promotion. After the product is packaged, it can be distinguished from similar products. Exquisite packaging, not easily imitation, counterfeiting, forgery, is conducive to maintaining the company's reputation. When the product is displayed, the package is a "silent salesman." Good packaging can often attract the attention of consumers or users, thereby stimulating their desire to purchase, becoming a major tool for product promotion and a powerful competitive means. Packaging can also receive advertising effectiveness. Sometimes, the quality of the same product may be comparable, so that packaging will often become the main consideration for consumers or users to buy products. Due to the improvement of packaging, an old product can give a new impression. This shows that packaging can effectively help the product to market, maintain or expand market share. The realization of product packaging will help improve product quality, enrich product varieties, facilitate sales, and promote the promotion of automatic vending and self-service sales.

(5) Promote the increase of corporate income. Excellent and exquisite packaging can not only make good products and good packaging complement each other, avoid the phenomenon of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices", but also can raise the value of products to consumers or users. Willing to buy at a higher price. So that companies increase sales revenue. In addition, the inventory control of packaged products is also relatively simple and easy. The realization of product packaging can also reduce the loss rate of products and improve the labor efficiency in all aspects of transportation, storage and sales. All these can make enterprises increase profit

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