Handan Machinery Launches Two Packaging New Equipment

Shantou City Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently launched two new equipment SZJP-PF-PP foaming units and SZJP-LY-PP high-speed cast sheet units, praised by users.

SZJP-PF-PP mainly has 800, 1300 and 1600 specifications. The series of PP foam sheet units have been favored by the users once they are launched. After the user's use, it reflects that the plate produced by this unit is smooth and has a good molding effect. The most valuable is that the sheet density is more than 20% lower than ordinary PP sheet, and the product quality is comparable to that produced by Japanese equipment. SZJP-LY-PP high-speed cast sheet unit mainly has 800 type, 1300 type, 1600 type for users to choose. The model can produce 0.05-0.16nm PP sheet at high speed. During the boot process, the equipment operates in a balanced manner and the performance is good. Taking 1300-type 0.1 mm plate as an example, the effective width is 1200mm, and the daily output can be as high as 3.2 tons or more. The quality of the plate is good, the plasticizing effect is good, the thickness is even and the surface is smooth.
Compared with ordinary PP sheet extrusion equipment, under the premise of ensuring product quantity, the output of S2JP-LY-PP high-speed cast sheet units has been greatly improved, and the production efficiency has been improved exponentially.

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