Simple PVC adhesive formula


Component dosage /g component dosage /g
Cyclohexanone 50 PVC fragment 5
Tetrahydrofuran 50

Use The glue is mainly bonded with hard PVC plastic.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

Ethylene resin adhesive formula


Component w/% Component w/%
A. Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer 90 p-xylene 5L
Maleic anhydride graft copolymerized polypropylene 10 pyridine (C5H4N) 1000g
B. Upper resin powder 500g Benzoyl chloride (C6H5COCl) 1900g

Preparation The amount of component A was kneaded at 200°C for 4 minutes and ground into a resin powder. This resin powder was used as one of the B components, and the B component was reacted at 120C for 2 hours to prepare an esterified copolymer as an adhesive.

Use The glue is used for the bonding of polyvinyl chloride or polystyrene, ABS and other plastics.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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