Dispensing offset metal ink

1 according to the layout of the layout of the text, set the printing color sequence or printing times, in the process there is the use of the second fold color method;

2 If self-modulating, before the printing, the metal pigment and the binder should be mixed and formulated evenly according to the formula. The amount of the formulated product should be controlled within 2 hours, and it will be used with it. Otherwise, it will be too long for the preparation, and it will be lost. Light, dark (dark) phenomenon;

3 in the printing process, such as drying too slowly, Zhuojia red dry oil, should not be excessive use of white dry oil, otherwise it will affect the color; such as drying too fast, you can Zhuojia about 10% of dibutyl phthalate, To control its dryness.

Reprinted from: China Ink Web

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