Teach you a trick --- Fun outdoor equipment reading>>

1, headscarves on foot in the jungle, cobwebs are common, let it wrapped around the hair, uncomfortable day, headscarves do not block the line of sight, take pictures without touching the frame, but also wipe sweat. A small cloth, but also as a towel, or scarf, if necessary, cold.

2, retractable cane, if necessary, catch wild dogs, do a monopod, open grass.

3, UFO can be used as a long-distance car fruit tray, cut vegetables / writing pads, dishes, small basin / water, water and land for entertainment, multi-functional and into the package does not occupy the volume. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not easy to buy.

4, slingshots in the city can not make, field exercises, increased fun on foot, playing wild fruit and the like, but do not hit birds, wounding, is an environmental weapon.

5, private business cards do not have scary title, show off the company, only the name, telephone, address, E-mail. Avoid repeated writing, the gentleman's turn, faded into water.

6, a large plastic tablecloth sunny day laid on the lawn, rainy days can be even covered with a bag.

7, a generous cloth can be used as a bath towel, swimming in Canyon Falls swim, eyes down, change his pants like this, and secondly to help MM shawl sunscreen, hotel sheets dirty, take it as a bed sheet. Thailand's skirt dress is the most suitable, but also make a skirt. Go out, wear occasionally, visit the night market, be afraid of anything, want to shoot and shoot, I am a family.

8, do not say the use of wash bags, well-organized only.

9, sealed bags every time out, with 10, wet underwear, buy the mouth, can be loaded. Unsealed plastic bags often cause accidents.

10, playing cards playing cards, fortune-telling is one, the key moments, can be made of road signs, 54 sheets, 100 meters a sheet, can write 5400 meters. You can also leave a message for later people, of course, how to stand out. It is also a knowledge.

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