Application of Digital Proofing in Newspaper Printing

In order to improve the management efficiency and reduce the consumption, the newspapers have improved the process of reporting production. At the same time, many printing houses adopt the Founder digital proofing technology to control the image colors of newspapers in an all-round way. The stability of newspaper quality has played an important role.

First, the reason for choosing digital proofing

1、Complete quality control, through the use of digital proofing system, improved the process flow of color report, due to the addition of digital proofing links in the editing and printing links, the chief editor can directly sign on the color newspaper; when printing, with a The standard avoids quality problems such as color deviation and quality fluctuation in newspaper production, improves the quality of color newspapers, and improves efficiency. With digital proofing, you can anticipate the effects of printing before printing, and avoid some quality accidents caused by front-end editors who do not understand the printing process. With digital proofing, the US editors, planners and editors can sum up experience in a timely manner. Repeated attempts to match color schemes and adjustment schemes will help form a personalized layout style and layout adjustment method, and ultimately improve prepress work efficiency.
3, reduce costs. Through digital proofing, advertising print results can be predicted in advance to ensure the quality of advertisement printing, and fundamentally avoiding the economic loss caused by advertising disputes to newspapers. After the printing factory adopts digital proofing, the preparation time for printing is further shortened, the quality of color newspapers is improved, and the number of scrapped newspapers is reduced to a minimum.

Therefore, digital proofing has been used more and more as an effective means to control the quality of newspapers.

Second, Founder digital proofing technology

For the newspaper printing process features introduced Fangzheng newspaper version digital proofing system, mainly with the following characteristics.
1. Founder Newspaper Digital proofing software consists of the Founder Century RIP kernel and the Kodak Color Management kernel.
2. Security and stability are the two most basic requirements for newspapers for digital proofing. Since Founder's photo and Founder RIP are homologous, they ensure the accuracy and stability of newspaper proofing layout information.
3, Founder's photo is the use of international common ICC method color correction, the color conversion fully takes into account the newspaper printing color gamut, combines the characteristics of the newspaper printing, to ensure that the color printing sample color, level of detail, light and shade contrast and final printing The newspapers agree.
4. With the high-speed interpretation function of the Founder RIP kernel, the photo software prints quickly. The EPSON 7600 is a medium print speed. The fastest proofing system can print a front-line report within 90 seconds.
5, photo proofing software interface and RIP, through the parameter template settings, selection, very convenient and accurate.

Third, the use of digital proofing experience

With the use of the digital proofing system, the newspaper has guaranteed the printing quality, reduced the scrapping rate and advertising disputes, and ensured the accuracy of newspapers.

1. Using newsprint, that is, printing the rest of the paper for digital proofing, not only reduces costs, but also ensures that the colors are accurate and stable. Since the use of digital proofing, no difference has been found between printed newspapers and printed proofs, and the proofs have really played the role of proofs.

2. Digital proofing proofs are exactly the same as those printed the next day. Especially in color, there is no need to worry about bad news or bad scans in the news photos, because the editors are dissatisfied after playing samples. Immediately readjust. Because it is full-page printing, it is no longer necessary to cut edges and collages as before, which improves work efficiency.

3, printing factory with color proofs transfer ink, reducing the preparation time for printing boot, improve the accuracy of color.

4, due to the installation of digital proofing system, digital proofing equipment has been calibrated by color management experts, generate ICC files, and then fine-tuned according to the characteristics of newspapers, making the final digital proof proofs and print proofs exactly the same.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the newspaper industry today, the application of new technologies and new processes to improve the competitiveness of newspapers has become a consensus of all. Our newspaper office chose to use a digital proofing system to play an important role in the publication and printing of newspapers.

Reprinted from: "Printing Technology"

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