Three Examples of Inkjet Printing Technology

First, "false ink change"

EPSON's COLOR series printers use ink at a very fast rate. After each use, when the genuine ink cartridges of the COLOR series printers are removed, many of the remaining inks can be seen. Gently squeeze the ink cartridges, and a large amount of ink flows out from the seal pierced at the bottom. We can think of ways to Use up these inks.

EPSONCOLOR series printers do not measure the ink consumption by detecting the ink in the ink cartridges. Instead, they calculate the total amount of characters used to calculate the ink consumption. For the sake of safety, the ink in the ink cartridges is higher than this “counter”. "The rated ink consumption is much greater. We can use the "fake for ink" method to set the "counter" to zero so that the cartridge can be used for printing, as long as there is ink in it.

The specific method of operation is: When the "over ink indicator" on the printer is flashing, press the "ink change button" on the printer panel, the cartridge holder will automatically slide to the ink replacement position, the cover will be lifted, but do not remove The ink cartridge, and then close the lid of the ink cartridge holder, and then press the ink-replace button on the printer panel, the printer begins to perform the ink-filling action. After the ink is filled, you can see that the ink indicator bar in the printer operation interface is full again. It's up. Now you can use this cartridge that should have been scrapped again. After “false ink change”, the ink in the ink cartridge can be completely consumed, which can increase the original printing volume by at least 50%.

Please note that the problem after “false ink change” is: When the ink in the ink cartridge is really exhausted, you cannot replace the ink cartridge in the usual way. But you can press the cleaning button, when the ink cartridge holder walks to replace the ink cartridge position, forcibly turn off the printer power, you can set up the ink tank holder cover like the normal change of ink, remove the empty ink cartridge, then do not put a new ink cartridge to go in, then connect again Through the printer power supply, when the printer detects that there is no ink, the "ink out indicator light" will flash, and then the ink will be changed according to the normal method.

Second, inject compatible ink

Although printer manufacturers strongly oppose this, this is an important way to save Mexico. In fact, most of the time, the function and performance of the printer after ink refilling are very stable, and it is the same with the original ink cartridge. Adding ink can be done as follows:

First, prepare a large syringe and a long needle around the 6th, and then buy a compatible compatible ink in the computer market. When the computer sends an ink shortage warning, open the front cover of the printer and press the cartridge button on the printer to stop the cartridge in the loading and unloading position, and then unplug the printer directly. Remove the ink cartridge carefully and observe that there is a small hole on the ink cartridge that can just be inserted into the 6-gauge needle. Use the syringe to slowly inject a suitable amount of compatible ink (preferably fill the cartridge) through this hole. When injecting ink, the ink cartridge should be kept upright, and the ink cartridge can even be stored in a convenient place; the ink can be injected 3 or 4 times, and when the last ink is poured, the ink can be taken from the hole of the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge is full. In general, the price of compatible ink is only about 1/4 of the original ink cartridge price, which can greatly save printing costs.

Third, choose the right print quality

As we all know, the ink consumption of jetting is directly proportional to its print quality and resolution. Different print resolutions and print quality should be selected according to different application requirements. Sometimes this is very important. For example, Canon's BJC-210 can increase the print throughput by about 3 times when using the "super economy mode". In the manuscripts that we see on our own, we can use the ink-saving mode that can reduce print quality.

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