Skin experts: summer citizens pay attention to sunscreen and moisturizing

Recently, the temperature has gradually increased, the sun has become more and more poisonous, and many people have sunburn. On the 27th, the reporter learned in Dongying City People's Hospital that in recent times, there have been more cases of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and polymorphic sun rash. The doctor reminded the public to pay attention to sun protection and moisturizing in summer.


Mr. Wang, who lives in Dongcheng, has some rashes on his forearm. He feels that he has not come to the hospital for medical treatment. A few days ago, Mr. Wang found that the area of ​​the rash was enlarged and itchy. He went to the dermatology clinic of the hospital and was told that it was a polymorphous sun rash, which was related to the sun.

Also because of the strong exposure of the sun, Ms. Li’s skin was sunburned. A few days ago, Ms. Li went to the beach to travel. After swimming, she sat on the beach and enjoyed sunbathing. Unexpectedly, in the morning, Ms. Li’s exposed skin was sun-baked, and it was only after a doctor’s check that she was sunburned.

In the summer, more and more citizens like Mr. Wang and Ms. Li are in the same situation. The doctor of the dermatology department of Dongying People's Hospital told the reporter that the summer season has come, and the number of sunburn patients who come to the dermatology clinic has increased significantly. According to dermatologists, since the summer, the sun exposure has been strong, and the ultraviolet intensity has increased. The public is exposed to the sun and is red, called sunburn, which is an acute skin. disease. The public can cold and wet the skin at home, and may be dizzy in severe cases. It is necessary to come to the hospital in time for medical treatment.

“The sunshine is too strong, and some people may also suffer from skin diseases of polymorphous sun rash.” The dermatologist said that the skin disease is chronic and related to intense sun exposure, usually growing in the forearm and neck. Some rashes, the area is slowly expanding, and some itching. People who have been sick in previous years will have another episode and have a certain genetic predisposition.

The doctor said that people with polymorphic sun rash must pay attention to sun protection. In the spring to summer, they can not be eager to put on short sleeves and wear long sleeves first.

"Some people due to allergic reactions, after being bitten by mosquitoes, the skin will grow fusiform papules, herpes, and there may be more than a dozen light, mostly in the back, buttocks, and may be spread all over the body." The doctor of the department said that if this happens, the public should come to the hospital in time.

Doctors from the Department of Dermatology at Dongying People's Hospital said that summer citizens must pay attention to skin sunscreen and moisturizing. The general public can wipe the sunscreen half an hour before going out. After four hours, the effect of sunscreen may be reduced. It is recommended to apply sunscreen again. People with allergic dermatitis can also consciously come to the hospital to check allergens to take protective measures.

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