Classical elements create a strong Chinese style

[ Chinese Wardrobe ] This set of design contains the Chinese style of Confucian philosophy and is a manifestation of culture. The room is full of Chinese style.

Classical element

Living room: Whether it is the ceiling of the living room or the background wall, it is decorated with Chinese wooden panes. As a result, the decoration style is established as a whole. Classical mahogany furniture adds a heavy foundation to this medium-sized style.

Restaurant: The guest restaurant combines the design concept of a courtyard atrium and cloister. The use of Chinese-style screens not only hides the furniture that has a sense of building, but also increases the storage function of the furniture itself. Between the dining room and the living room, the wooden pane is used for partitioning, which not only distinguishes the space but also enhances the permeability.

Entrance: The entrance to the entrance, a long Chinese ink painting, the room is filled with artistic atmosphere.

Owner's Gold Comment: I feel very angry. The designer boldly uses the elements of Chinese style. This is a real “School of the Book”.

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