Eliminate edema, no facelift, and a beautiful little face

In the morning, my face was swollen, and my face seemed to be fatter than last night. During the exclamation, you found that you didn't eat too much long fat food. So where is the puffiness of this face? In fact, this is a curse caused by edema. No need to worry, give you 5 tips, away from the morning edema of the face.

Eat less tasteful foods

1, eat less heavy food

Diet and edema are closely related, what you eat today, will soon be reflected in the body of tomorrow. So eat foods that are less salty and have a lighter taste.

Eat more drainage food

2, eat more drainage food

Red beans, coix seed, cucumber, watermelon, etc. are all good drainage materials, although they can not be effective immediately, but as long as you can definitely see the effect.


3, bathing

Immerse the whole body in warm water, use the water temperature to increase the metabolism of the body break, and promote blood circulation, so that excess water and waste can be swept away from the body.

Exercise regularly

4, adhere to sports

Sticking to the exercise of MM, color, posture or health status will be much better than the average person, the face is not easy to edema. Mid-term aerobic exercise and stretching gymnastics have the best effect.

Massage swelling

5, massage swelling

Special recommendation: The method of eliminating edema around the eyes: use the fingertips to start from the corner of the mouth and press it up to the top of the cheekbones. Grab your fists and use your knuckles to press along the cheekbones to the ear for 3 times to quickly eliminate eye puffiness.

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