Easy to open plastic bags in France

At present, polypropylene or polyamide thin-film plastic bags welded in the form of flow-packing machines widely used in food packaging on the market can be opened without any means if they are not torn, and even more so. Sealed the bag several times. The new ETIKTACK label developed by ETIKOUEST of France can be used as a plastic packaging sealing material to solve this problem easily.

According to reports, this innovative printed label can be quickly placed on plastic bags anywhere on the production line like ordinary labels. The tag has an openable hole with a snap-fit ​​hole inside, the snap-fit ​​hole is in close contact with the preset opening of the plastic bag, and opening the tag simultaneously opens the plastic bag. Thanks to a patented technology registered by the company, the perimeter of the opening of the plastic bag is protected from being arbitrarily torn. This type of label is also suitable for thinner plastic sheets. It can be used not only on plastic bags sealed by flow-wrapping machines, but also on special-shaped containers, and even on paper or aluminum packagings.

The device is suitable for dry product packaging and also for products packaged under different atmospheric pressures. The consumer can open the seal, dump the contents, or take the bag in his hands, and then close the opening several times to prevent the remaining food from getting damp or contaminated. The device completely seals the opening of the plastic bag and can open and close at most 10 times.

This kind of plastic bag is suitable for foods such as candy, peanuts, and noodles. Although the product cost is increased on the packaging, it provides consumers with great convenience.


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