New American multi-layer film is more moisture-proof

The United States has developed a multi-layer film called Novinex that combines environmental protection, safety, and moisture resistance.

Novinex film is an inner layer of amorphous engineering plastic Topascos, polypropylene outer layer, it is said that its anti-wetness is stronger than PVDC / polymer multilayer film. It is also free of ethylene, halogens, and plasticizers, and therefore has clear advantages in safety and environmental protection. In addition, since Novinex is manufactured using a multi-layer simultaneous pressing method, it is more difficult to be contaminated during production than a laminated film, and the processing procedure is also easier to grasp.

According to the inner layer, Novinex is divided into three levels, the color is different, they are transparent, white, amber.

In addition, Topascos has been approved by the US FDA and can be directly used for contact packaging and pharmaceutical packaging of various foods.

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