Jotun USA supplies 14.9 cents Gen 2 RFID tags

In conjunction with their state-of-the-art RFID tag conversion facility in Charlotte, NC and a strategic partnership with Avery Dennison RFID, Saiteng America introduced 4" x 2" Gen 2 RFID tags at a price of 14.9 cents per tag.

This new low-price smart tag opens the door for end users to quickly adopt Gen 2 RFID tags. The thermal transfer label is also Gen 1 compliant, and its Gen 1 version is now available at the same price, while the Gen 2 version of the label will only appear on the market when the Gen 2 CL408e printer is officially launched. Various sizes and chip configurations of other tags have also been introduced to the market.

"The adoption rate of Gen 2 RFID smart tags is closely related to the performance and price of tags," said Mike Fowler, president of SATO America Inc., "Zooteng and Avery Dennison are both committed to providing high quality at a lower price than existing Gen 1 and Gen. Gen 2 smart labels for the 2 products. We believe that with the two companies' product development capabilities and attention to quality, we will eventually achieve this goal."

“Avery Dennison is committed to RFID to realize its myth in the supply chain: to fully integrate into the supply chain and realize the transparency of the global supply chain” said Mat Mellis, vice president of Avery Dennison, “We lower the price of the chip and help our label packaging partners Teng provides end-users with more attractive prices, and we hope that low prices will promote the rapid adoption of electronic labels and increase the demand for labels. When the demand for labels increases greatly, especially when it comes to the Gen 2 standard, we are breakthrough and high. The rate label production process can handle high demand."

Source: RFID World Network

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