Cabinet luxury does not mean that there is taste

If you spend 3.5 million yuan to buy a house, it will not be surprising. If you have set up a cabinet with 3.5 million yuan, do you think it is a bit "burning money"? But such a luxurious cabinet will definitely be a nightmare for a small group of people. Maybe people who can afford such expensive cabinets will not cook for themselves. The kitchen is more often used for viewing, but we still like this kind of high-end cabinets, just like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. As long as you have it, you will know how good it is. With the beauty of high-end goods, we can choose a more practical alternative, the quality is equally good, but the taste is not reduced. The real most valuable thing is actually your own taste.

Imported cabinets with comprehensive details

A pure LV handbag, the stitch distance must be fixed; a high-quality trousers process must not be less than 100, which is the professional value. The professional needs of brand kitchen cabinet companies need to be verified through the use of details. The exquisite detail is the basis of high quality, which is also the value of professionalism.

Fine detail

Curved door panel

The shape of the Siematic 6006 cabinet is very modern with upper and lower arc-shaped door panels and skirting boards. This arc-shaped manufacturing process is complicated, so the visual effect is very unusual. What's even more remarkable is that even the glass door is curved, and the glass is completely frameless. Pushing up the large glass door is like holding a clear sky on top of the head.

Will become a "magic" kick

Is the kicker so generous and wasteful? In fact, the arc kick has another mystery. Pulling it is a drawer that can store a lot of things. There is even a small folding ladder inside the kicker. When you kick the kick, you can climb up and hang up. The items in the cabinet are gone.

Original embedded recess handle

There is no handle on the cabinet door, and the handle is replaced by an original embedded recess. The overall line is smooth and simple. It is modern and simple in terms of material and body shape.

Handmade absolutely environmentally friendly

The solid wood frame and door panels are hand-carved, plus hand-painted and polished, all of which are reproductions of the 19th century craftsmanship and techniques, painted with traditional pigments – natural mineral-based paints. No pungent smell, absolutely environmentally friendly.

Stand in one's big drawer

The drawer is integrally formed at one time. There is no seam from the inside. The drawer is dustproof and insect proof. The most surprising thing is that its load capacity is 70-80 kg, which means that when the drawer is open, the inside station A person is not a problem at all.

Even if it is full of heavy objects, the inclination of the drawer itself will not exceed 2 degrees, and it will never be squeezed to the lower door panel. This drawer can prevent children or people with limited mobility from taking it, and will never inadvertently fall over.

Classical appearance of the "core"

The biggest feature of the classical cabinet is the design of the flying sill column. The connection of the edge of the cabinet is very detailed in the Chinese palace beam, and even the kicking will be carved. Pulling the big pillar to see, the big storage rack, the "content" is really rich, whether it is oil drum or seasoning bottle, all can be all of you, there is a bracket next to the single-layer shelf to prevent side leakage. This subtle design can also be seen in the pillars of the central dining island.

Storage space DIY

Abandoning the limitation of a single shelf inside the cabinet, two seemingly simple multi-function adjustment bars are added to the cabinet and the cabinet door. There are a pair of small holes every 16 mm above, according to the size and shape of the stored items. You can insert a pendant anywhere, not just to place the shelf to accommodate the height of different items, so you become a designer who can freely design, change, and add storage space.

Noble price

How much does it cost to have such a pleasing and well-equipped kitchen?

It is not based on the length of the meter, but the collection of money according to the cabinet, the price of each set of cabinets is not the same, but the price has already included hardware, countertops and other paid items.

The complete set of cabinets is perfect, we generally accept the overall design, but the cramped kitchen area will force us to give up some, set the model, size, door panel and countertop materials, to design, production, and then from afar, you Need to wait 4 months. Calculated by a 10 square meter kitchen, it costs 150,000 yuan to buy a set of imported cabinets that meet the basic needs at the lowest price. People who have both money and leisure can enjoy this luxury.

Domestic cabinet design and quality win-win

When it comes to domestic cabinets, people often think of the words "rigorous", "old-fashioned" and "quality". In fact, the shape of domestic cabinets on the market is quite fashionable, and many of them use foreign designers' designs and processing. The localization of assembly has greatly reduced the cost and is the current sales champion.

Plain highlights

Convenient and practical is still the main

The domestic cabinets are known for their practical durability. The outlines are simple and the lines are clear. The colors are mainly white, black and other monochrome, which emphasizes the product's standard function. Quality is always the foundation of design, workmanship, attention to detail. Adapting to Chinese cooking habits is the basic tenet, so that people who use it can feel the convenience at all times. The cooking process should be convenient and convenient. All kinds of kitchen utensils, food, seasonings, etc. should be placed clearly and neatly. The hood and stove should meet the demand of stir-fry.

Streamline design reflects the human trend

Nowadays, in the design of domestic cabinets, round curves are used, and the edges and corners are not clear at all. In addition to convenient use, more attention is paid to safety. Take the edge of the cabinet, use the edge of the arc without sharp corners, so as to prevent children and adults from accidentally hurting themselves; the nails inside should also be specially treated, with rubber strips or soft rubber to prevent people from drawing hurt.

According to gender, the genre "cabinet"

Now domestic cabinet designers also "separate gender" cabinets to facilitate the use of people of different genders. For example, Bolognese has been promoting "female cabinets" in recent years. The size is exquisite and beautiful, focusing on color and decoration to meet the aesthetic needs of women. The "men's cabinets" focus on the use of functions, so that men who are afraid of trouble can It is more convenient to use.

Peace price

Taking solid wood cabinets as an example, the market retail price is 4,000-9000 yuan/Yanmi, and the imported high-end solid wood cabinets are not based on the length of the meter, but the total price is calculated according to the separate cabinet, even the cheapest configuration, a set of solid wood cabinets. The price must be more than 30,000 yuan. The strength of the domestic cabinets, such as Kebao Boloni, Longsen, Kang Jie, etc., most of their solid wood cabinets introduced foreign technology and design, the cabinets are not inferior to imported products in terms of shape and style. It's easier than importing, but it's definitely much higher than ordinary door panels.

Exclusive tips to make cabinet accessories practical and save money

Kitchen space is limited, but things are indispensable. Are those baskets and drawers really capable of storing goods, or is it a waste of space? We should find cabinets that match our own characteristics.

The wall cabinet depends on the characteristics of the space

The hanging cabinet is cheaper and uses less material, but because it is too high, it is not convenient to take the item. If there are some pipe scorpions in the upper space of the kitchen that interfere with the setting of the wall cabinet, don't waste money on the opening and closing doors of a fake wall cabinet. The wall cabinets only look neat and uniform. In particular, the smoking machine part, with a fake upturn door, the price is not bad with the real wall cabinet, but it has no effect.

The cabinet is the real storage master

The cabinet is large in size, and less common items can be stored in this “big monster”. The shelf spacing in the cabinet can be adjusted and placed very safely. The price of the cabinet is relatively expensive. Calculated according to the length of the meter, it is more expensive than the sum of the price of the cabinet and the cabinet, because there are more materials. Moreover, the requirements for the installation position are high, and only one wall can be installed in the kitchen of the cabinet.

How should the cabinet corner be used?

The corner of the workbench is also a good use of space. The rotary grid is a popular design. When you use it, you can get the items that are “hidden” in the corner with a single click. It is simple and convenient, but expensive. The wasted space is also amazing. The grid of the pots placed on two floors, almost 40% of the corner space is wasted.

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