Three coups to prevent eyelid formation

Three coups to prevent eyelid formation

The eye is most likely to leak the woman's age, and the woman's eye pattern will follow at a slight age. If you want to let people see their age, soothe the skin around the eyes, it is important to get dark circles and eye sockets. Today, I will bring you three small tricks to help you prevent the formation of eye sockets.

1, eye protection

Ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles. Many women have put eye care on the agenda. Some women use facial whitening sunscreen to apply eye mask. This method of care is not correct. It may also be caused by whitening ingredients to thinner eyes. Week, it is recommended to choose eye-specific sunscreen products.

2, drink less

Enthusiastic drinking is easy to cause wrinkles around the eyes. The alcohol in alcohol will make the skin dry. The thinnest eye skin is the first to bear the brunt. Dryness is an important cause of eyelids. Want to reduce the age of the eye. In addition to choosing the skin care products, first reduce the amount of alcohol.

3, raise some flowers

Some flowers can also moisturize, like the lily of the "beautiful flower", it can not only absorb the dust in the air, but also produce a certain degree of moisture, which can make the interior moisturizing effect, moist air can moisturize the eye skin To reduce the production of eye sockets.

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