How to buy solid wood wardrobe

【Abstract】First, the variety and material color of the door are rich and varied. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies; different colors create different decoration styles. At present, the materials available on the market for sliding doors are mainly wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Yimeiju Furniture http://#Share.

Second, whether the thickness of the door panel is thick and the height is sufficient. For the sliding board, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick plate, which is firm, stable and durable. If it is slightly worse, it will choose 8mm thick, which is thin and frivolous; even worse, it will use 6mm thick plate. The plate is easy to deform, the stability is often difficult to meet the normal requirements, and the height of the door panel determines whether it can be renovated to the ceiling. Most European and American fashion wardrobes advocate the integration effect of decoration, requiring a single piece of plate height of more than 2. 8 meters, up to ceiling.
Third, whether the color of the door and the border are consistent. The border and door panel of the brand wardrobe door are from the same manufacturer, and the color lines can be completely consistent and uniform. The miscellaneous wardrobes tend to be patchwork, and only the plates and frames with similar colors can be found, which cannot be completely consistent.
Fourth, the wheels are smooth, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and reliable. The pulleys of the brand wardrobe are generally made of carbon fiberglass (international new high-tech materials), with internal balls and non-drying grease, so it can be easily pushed and pulled, smooth and flexible, and has large bearing capacity, pressure resistance and wear resistance. Not deformed. Household sliding doors generally require more than 60,000 pushes and pulls. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe door sliding. The pulley guide is the core technical part of the sliding door, so be sure to choose carefully.

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