Run at the forefront of fashion, Salomon speedcross 3 cross country running shoes

Today's running is really too hot, and the era of running for all people has come! All brands have taken running as their top priority. In 2015, there was a total of 56 games in the China Marathon, and basically there would be a marathon in a week. Official statistics! There are cross-country races, there are probably about 30 games, really is the fire can not be fired. Today we recommend a cross-country running shoes, Salomon's speedcross 3 running shoes, everyone on Salomon really It is too partial, if you go to the ISPO to pay attention to which shoes have the highest appearance rate, I guess it is speedcross 3~

I tell you the difference between cross-country running shoes and the road. Ordinary running shoes: Looking from the outsole, the outsole is generally covered with the entire sole, covered with a variety of special lines, there may be a lot of ditch back Most of the color is black, there are other colors, the thickness is generally 3-5mm. The main role of the outsole is to play a role of wear and non-slip in direct contact with the ground. The outsole material is generally a carbon-containing rubber. This rubber is relatively wear-resistant, and it is also ideal in terms of anti-slip effect and weight. Different from ordinary running shoes is cross-country running shoes: the outsole lines are exaggerated and exaggerated, the soles are relatively hard, the upper material is generally waterproof and the laces can be fixedly stored in a special groove. This is mainly due to the fact that the road conditions in the field are complex. Stones, sand, mud and water are all more solid and hard soles. At the same time, the surface of the shoes has a certain waterproof function. Therefore, cross-country running shoes are not suitable for road running, the same road running shoes are not suitable for cross-country running! But this shoe is still very coquettish ~ shoe type is relatively thin, it is recommended to buy a big yard ... ...

This shoe has a variety of colors, many of which make the number unclear. It is also divided into three different levels. Speedcross 3. This shoe is the most basic of a classic running shoes. Speedcross 3c is a semi-waterproof shoe. Speedcross 3 gtx This shoe is Gore's waterproof technology pull.


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