Outdoor tide stuff! Xpand free shoes, let you go further!

A magical little object - Xpand shoes without laces

Xiao Bian recommended a shoelace-free product today - Xpand

Maybe you will say, no need? When you play outdoors, you are the one who loves sports. In the ordinary course, you can't say anything about the laces, and you can do it in minutes without delay. But do you know? When the winter arrived, the weather became cold. Xiao Bian had been wrapped in a scorpion still trembling. In the open air, it was even cold. If the shoelaces were opened, you would have to take off the gloves if you were cold and cold. ! When you run, you loose yourself and you have to stop and tie your shoelace! Think this way, is not a little trouble! So, artifacts are born!

The Xpand strap system is a flexible Xpand shoelace, 4 shoelace clips, and 4 shoelace clips. No need to tie the knot. Put on the laces and choose the elasticity that you want. The elastic fibers of Xpand laces are made of resin. The official said that they will maintain longer tension than regular laces, so you don't have to worry about durability; the other is indispensable. For small ideas, they designed a gadget similar to the "anchor bolt", used with the grommets at both ends, fixed the position of the shoelace, adjusted the tightness, cut off the excess shoelaces, and a pair of lazy shoes was completed.

A free shoelace system Xpand, the principle is very simple, as long as the configuration in their own shoes, you can eliminate the troubles of everyday shoelaces, Xpand not only the principle is simple and its crowdfunding price is not too expensive, 8 US dollars namely A set is available and will be shipped worldwide in January 2016.

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