3D printed music scores help visually impaired patients understand music

We have heard a lot of 3D printing to help the disabled, so today is definitely the most beautiful one. Braille, traditionally used for musical scores, is very complicated and difficult for music students. Yeaji Kim of the University of Wisconsin used a 3D printed universal music system called Tactile Staff in her PhD thesis. Students can learn by touch, and the music teacher uses the same tactile staff, which makes the communication between teachers and students greatly improved, and students can learn faster and better.

Jessia Johnson, a professor of piano education at the University of Wisconsin, emphasized the important role of this haptic system in composing:

“This tactile music score is a revolutionary innovation that deeply influences the way music is studied and learned, and it also enables more people to understand a variety of musical forms.”

It is understood that this project is made with SLS 3D printer , the material powder is spread on the printing bed, and the powder is selectively sintered by high-intensity laser irradiation to obtain the cross-section of the component and adhere to the formed part below. Eventually, a tactile musical score was formed.

“The biggest advantage of using this process is the high precision,” says William Aquite, research assistant at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “The resolution is up to four thousandths of an inch.”

Kim, the inventor of this tactile score, has returned to Korea but will still receive prototype tests on a regular basis. Xiaobian understands that there is still no software that can convert scores into 3D printed files, so engineers are trying to adjust the angle of the notes to achieve the highest definition, making them "readable symbols."

Now it seems that software development that can transform scores is particularly important, and more importantly, the ability to combine with 3D printing is also a revolutionary innovation for music education.

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