Precision Colorimeter TCLR-50

Precision colorimeter TCLR-50 type technical parameters: 1. Measurement range: 5-500PCU2. Resolution: 0.01PCU3. Basic error: ? ± 3% (FS) 4. Color change: ≤ 2% 5. Size: Main unit? 266mm × 200mm × 130mm6.???? Weight: less than 1kg7.????? Normal use conditions: (1)? Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40 ° C ??? (2)? Relative humidity: ? ≤ 85% (3) Power supply: AC (220 ± 22) V; (50 ± 0.5) Hz (4)? No significant vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight.

Colored Glazed Flowerpot

Beautiful appearance, poor air permeability, no need to water frequently, low requirement for air permeability.

Each has a different pattern on it yet they are all glazed the same so they look good in a grouping.
If your interior decoration is also simple style, then you should choose our flower pot.
Whether it is placed on the desk, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Not only beautiful, but also comfortable.
Besides the indoor needs, they can also be used to decorate your yard and garden.
You can plant some of your favorite flowers and plants in the yard and place them in a clearly visible place, under the eaves, near the corridor, or on a bench in the yard.
Whether it is bright flowers or lush plants, your garden will be like spring all year round.

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