No equipment? It doesn't matter, see how to practice by hand.

1, ordinary push ups

This kind of push-ups is the most commonly used push-ups. The hands are slightly wider than the shoulders, the feet are close together, the chest is tightened to the waist and abdomen, and then the elbow is bent to lower the center of gravity to the position where the chest is close to the ground 1 cm, stop, and then concentrate. The strength of the great muscles is pushed up quickly. This kind of general push-ups is the most commonly used by everyone, mainly to exercise the pectoralis major.


2, narrow push-ups

This narrow-distance push-up is based on the "general push-ups", with the spacing between the hands and shoulder width or narrow shoulders, the other postures are the same as "general push-ups." The narrow-distance push-ups mainly exercise the mid-slit of the pectoralis major and the triceps of the arm. ,


3, wide-distance push-ups

This wide-distance push-up is based on the "general push-ups", with the distance between the hands being far wider than the shoulders, and the other postures are the same as the "general push-ups". Wide-distance push-ups mainly exercise the lateral and shoulders of the pectoralis major.


4, left and right undulating push ups

This kind of left and right undulating push-ups is based on the "general push-ups", using the power of the pectoralis major to control the center of gravity of the body, allowing the body to undulate. When doing this push-up, you can first let the center of gravity first from the left to the right, then from the right to the left. This push-up has a good stimulation effect on the chest muscles, and the best stimulation effect on the lateral side of the pectoralis major muscle. Of course, practitioners who do this type of push-ups have some control.


5, alternating elbow push-ups

Also on the basis of "general push-ups", after doing the push-ups, the elbows are raised left and right, mainly to exercise the chest, deltoid, latissimus, and abdominal muscles of the practitioner, and also to exercise the coordination of the practitioners.


6, crocodile push-ups

This push-up requires the practitioner to move forward with one hand and then push-ups while lifting one foot toward the premature knee, as close as possible to the elbow joint of the ipsilateral arm. Mainly exercise chest muscles, abdominal muscles and so on.


7, jump-up push-ups

This type of push-ups requires the use of arm muscles, chest muscles, waist and abdomen muscles, etc., on the basis of "general push-ups", while at the same time exerting force to make the body instantly empty and then return to the starting position. This type of push-ups mainly exercises the explosive power of the chest muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, etc., and the requirements for the practitioners are relatively high.


8, displacement push-ups

This push-up is required for the practitioner to finish the "general push-ups", straighten the hands together, then move to the other side of the body, and then do a "general push-ups", as such, move left and right to do push-ups. This type of push-ups mainly exercises the pectoralis major, and secondly exercises the muscles of the abdominal muscles, shoulders and the like.


9. High position push ups

Exercise area: chest muscles, upper arm triceps and abdominal muscles

Action essentials: the body is pressed down as much as possible, the whole body is straight, the butt is not protruding, the elbow is forced, the elbow is straightened

Supplement: It does not matter whether the lifting object is fixed or not. The key is to force the elbow to force in the vertical direction, so that the lifting object will naturally not move.

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