Development of high-strength steel plate heat treatment production line

Due to the characteristics and working conditions of the high-strength bullet-proof steel plate, the processed steel plate should meet the requirements of uniform overall hardness, no soft spots and minimum deformation of the steel plate. The heat treatment equipment and processes of domestic high-strength bulletproof steel plates are mainly based on periodic heating and simple press quenching. The heating state, uniformity of heating, the press quenching pressure of the steel plate, and the amount of water sprayed by the press cannot be effectively controlled. It not only increases the tonnage and workload of the subsequent straightening machine, but also is not conducive to the positioning and production on the automatic welding machine, which directly affects the quality of the product and wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. In order to solve this technical and production problem, we combined the actual heat treatment of the steel plate, adopted roller bottom heating, up and down pressure quenching for heat treatment, and developed this production line. The processing method is easy to realize automatic production and management. The important thing is that the steel plate processed by this automatic line has excellent heat treatment performance, which is convenient for positioning and production on the automatic welding machine. After production inspection, the production line has created certain technological achievements, economic benefits and social benefits.

2 Roller bottom type high-strength bulletproof steel plate heat treatment production line 2.1 Roller bottom type high-strength bulletproof steel plate heat treatment production line Introduction The design idea of ​​this production line is the continuity, automation and high efficiency of the whole set of equipment. The production line is composed of six parts: feeding system, roller hearth furnace, quenching press (including hydraulic part), unloading frame, electric control device, water supply system, see.

The technological process of the production line is: hang the steel plate to be heat-treated on the loading rack, position it automatically, locate the front and rear furnace doors, open the furnace, enter the quenching press (adjustable speed) * hydraulic station starts, the lower pressure head rises and compresses the steel plate -Turn on the butterfly valve, spray water-off O Wang Zhanjun: male, born in 4 years, PhD, researcher-level senior engineer; currently engaged in research and management of heat treatment process and equipment; correspondence address No. 18 Xueqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, zip code : 100083, Tel: 010 High-strength steel plate heat treatment production line, development of closed butterfly valve, stop water spray-lower pressure head down to original position-steel plate quenching press to discharge frame (adjustable speed) * discharge.

Roller-type high-strength bulletproof steel plate quenching and heating production line Jane 1 feeding system; 2-roller-type heating furnace; 3-quenching) K bed; 4-unloading system (1) roller-bottom heating furnace: roller-bottom heating furnace It is an important equipment in the production line to make large-area steel plates evenly heated. It is composed of furnace body, heating element, roller rod transmission system, control and protection system.

During furnace structure design, a certain distance is left between the furnace inlet and the furnace outlet, so that the steel plate can be far away from the two furnace doors when moving forward and backward, so as to avoid the fluctuation of the temperature at the furnace mouth and affect the heating of the steel plate. At the same time, considering the characteristics of the plate, the steel plate is heated in the best way, that is, on the upper and lower surfaces. In order to improve the heating efficiency, the upper heating elements are arranged in a hanging manner. Such furnace body structure and heating element arrangement not only reduce the heating space but also make the steel plate heated evenly. | The furnace bottom roller is under high temperature and heat load. It not only bears the weight of the steel plate and the weight of the roller, but also withstands the alternating torque caused by the rapid movement of the steel plate into and out of the furnace and multiple back and forth movements in the furnace. Due to the thermal W expansion after heating, the roller bar also needs to solve the lateral positioning problem. Based on the above technical difficulties, the structure has been optimized and innovatively designed. The body part is made of high-quality heat-resistant steel by centrifugal casting and finishing, and the main force part is rolled material. The unique design of the air-cooled structure, without water cooling, on the one hand solves the problem of heat dissipation and thermal expansion of the rod body, improves the thermal efficiency, and on the other hand improves the heating state of the steel plate. The transmission of the roller rod adopts a single-sided chain transmission, and is equipped with a frequency conversion speed control device during the development and debugging process. The axial positioning of the roller rod is based on one side of the chain transmission, and the other side gives enough axial expansion margin . In the process of development, installation and commissioning, the manufacturing, positioning and overall flatness of the furnace bottom roller, the parallelism and straightness between the roller bar and the roller bar are strictly controlled.

In order to reduce the length of the furnace body, the rollers rotate forward and reverse in the furnace alternately. Three control measures are used in the control system, namely photoelectric cells, time counters, and digital tubes. As long as one of the three conditions is met, the steel plate has Signals are displayed in place to avoid erroneous operations and ensure the safe heat treatment process of the steel plate and furnace body.

(2) Quenching press: Pressure quenching is a key process in the heat treatment of high-strength bulletproof steel plates, and quenching press is a key equipment. The strength, hardness and uniformity of the steel plate, and the flatness of the surface of the steel plate after quenching all need to be ensured by the quenching press. We adopt the structure of the press with parallel pressurized water jet cooling of the upper and lower indenters to optimize the design of the quenching press structure. The main considerations in design: when the water is sprayed and quenched, there is no blind area on the steel plate plane, and the cooling is uniform; there is no soft spot at the compression of the upper and lower indenters, and the upper and lower indenters need to have sufficient pressure and sufficient cooling water to spray out, It cannot be too large to avoid uneven local cooling; the upper and lower heat dissipation is inconsistent, and the water spray volume and position of the upper and lower pressure heads must be calculated and designed separately.

The lower pressure head of the press presses the steel plates symmetrically, and each has a separate support structure. The water is sprayed and cooled from the small holes in the pressure head. The pressure, amount of water, and the number and size of the nozzles have all been carefully calculated. The amount of water can meet the quenching and cooling requirements of the steel plate.

P material special forming and processing technology 2.2 Production line functions and indicators The roller-bottom steel plate heat treatment furnace has become the preferred equipment for continuous heat treatment of large parts, especially flat plates, due to its structural advantages. The workpiece is in a dynamic heating process in the furnace, and the sticks supporting the workpiece no longer reciprocate heating and cooling, so that on the one hand, the workpiece is heated evenly, improving the quality of heat treatment, and on the other hand, saving energy. After the steel plate is heated, it is equipped with pressure quenching to make the heat-treated plate parts deform very little, which ensures the dimensional accuracy and also facilitates the automation of subsequent operations. In addition to being used for pressure quenching of high-strength steel and aluminum plates, after changing the water-jet cooling of the press to blowing cooling, the production line can also be used to strengthen glass workpieces.

The main parameters of the Sheng production line are: total power: process temperature: processing steel plate size: heating method: quenching press pressure: full length of production line: thyristor + electric heating element 3 high strength bulletproof steel plate heat treatment production line inspection in production application In order to obtain the expected quenching quality of the steel plate, in addition to a reasonable quenching process, heat treatment equipment with reliable performance is also required. This production line meets this requirement well. It has been verified by production practice that the equipment has a high degree of automation, which reduces the amount of labor; the temperature uniformity of the heating furnace is good; the design of the production line is novel and the process level is advanced.

The production line has been installed and commissioned on site at a factory since June 2000. In August 2000, it was commissioned for trial production and preparation for acceptance. The treated steel plate hardness, hardness uniformity, flatness and other indicators have reached or exceeded the indicators specified by the user.

The size and specifications of the processed steel plates are: respectively, the hardness of each plate edge after treatment, and the 2950mmx 155mmx20mm specification steel plate is cut from the center after treatment, and the hardness is cut at the cut edge. Sex is within the scope of the contract.

The production line passed the acceptance in September 2000, and the equipment is operating in good condition.

4 Conclusion (1) The roller-bottom type high-strength bulletproof steel plate heat treatment production line can effectively improve the technical level of heat-treated steel sheets, improve the heat treatment quality of the 1787-piece high-strength steel sheet heat treatment production line, solve the technical problems in steel plate heat treatment, and greatly increase productivity. Reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

(2) The production line has such characteristics: it realizes the automatic control of the whole process of steel plate heat treatment, and each part is clearly displayed; the optimized structural design of the bottom roller of the quenching heating furnace, without water cooling, simplifies the piping layout, is conducive to the heating of the steel plate, Energy saving; three insurance measures, namely photoelectric tube, digital tube, time counting, as long as one of the above three insurance conditions is met, the steel plate will have a display signal in place to avoid misoperation and ensure the safe heat treatment process of the steel plate and the furnace body ; The optimized design of the quenching press structure is realized. The lower pressure head of the press presses the steel plate, and the water is sprayed and cooled from the small hole on the indenter at the same time. The water flow and the amount of water can meet the quenching and cooling requirements of the steel plate (3) The steel plate The heat treatment production line has a high degree of automation and a reasonable design structure, which fills the domestic gap.

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