Mixed Screening Technology for Newspaper Printing - Sublima

Sublima Screening Technology allows newspapers to have a borderline reproduction effect under standard printing conditions. Sublima is a hybrid screening technology for newspaper printing. It is Agfa's patented technology. It combines random screening (FM screening) technology with Agfa's Balanced screening technology to make newspapers printable. Continuous adjustment of quality, to achieve high-speed newspaper printing has never reached the level of quality.

In the development of this screening technology, Agfa introduced three major factors, namely the characteristics of newsprint, the standard 85-100 screen lines, and the high-speed operation of newspaper presses. They used the proven CristalRaster random screening technology, which is mainly used in commercial printing, to develop a photo-quality screening effect in a special environment for newspaper printing.

Agfa's Sublima can reproduce gradation effects from 1% to 99%, and can reproduce black and white and color tone images, lines and various icons with fine details in highlights, shadows, and midtones. Using this technology to print on traditional newsprint, there are no visible outlets on the printed matter, and the quality can be comparable to that of commercial printed products, creating new market opportunities for the newspaper industry and bringing more profits.

Agfa's Sublima can be run under their Apogee RIP with a Polaris direct plate system using the N91 digital imaging plate.

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