Beverage can top label far more than dust

The world-famous "king of wine labels" - Germany Hanheng Label Company. The newly introduced beverage can top cover is a pleasant surprise. It not only guarantees product safety and hygiene. And can enhance the brand image of the product. According to Han Heng (Suzhou) Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. International Sales Manager. The motivation for Hanheng to develop this can top label is from Brazil. Brazilians are accustomed to directly open the drink cans. The whole process of beverage cans from the factory to the final arrival of consumers. There will be countless people touching the cans. This inevitably causes consumers to be infected when drinking. The Brazilian government attaches great importance to this. Found Hanheng company. So the beverage can top label came out. This sealed aluminum foil label will cover the entire top of the beverage can, forming a sealed protective layer; special production process. Makes this aluminum foil label thickness to 0.013mm. Enhanced label adhesion and water resistance. Not easy to fall off: labeling uses food-grade adhesives for bonding. The area close to the lid of the beverage cans is strictly guaranteed to have no adhesive. Before reaching the consumer. Beverage can top cover is always isolated. To ensure the absolute safety of the product.

Source: Printing Technology

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