GSD-40BZ automatic high speed step-press sealing bag making machine

Performance characteristics:
â–² Maximum speed up to 160 segments/minute â–² Length 840mm longitudinal hot knife, edge sealing hot knife and three servo traction and discharge system â–² One hot press can meet the requirements of four-side sealing and bag making

Source: Flexible Packaging

The L-Shaped Adjustable Desk is one of the height adjustable desks. Compared with the ordinary height adjustable tables, the L-Shaped is more stable and firm. L-Shaped has bigger usable floor area, can pile more things. Since the L-Shaped is driven by three motors, it has better load-bearing capacity and lifting capacity than the normal model.

Our L-shaped top is made up of two rectangular pieces, so it can be assembled in either a right or left facing configuration.

L-Shaped Standing Desk

L-Shape Standing Desks, L-Shape Office Desk, Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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