The size and shape of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be determined according to the cleaning needs.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology Ultrasound technology is divided into detection ultrasound and power ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a kind of power ultrasonic, which includes reasonable selection of ultrasonic equipment, proper cleaning liquid, and correct control of process parameters. Ultrasonic cleaning machine Ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into cleaning machine using water-based cleaning liquid and gas-phase cleaning machine using organic solvent. Lubricating oil brand is divided into four types: single cylinder type, combined type, production line type and input type according to application fields. . Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly consists of three parts: cleaning tank, ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer. a. The size and shape of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be determined according to the cleaning needs. It should be able to accommodate the cleaning fluid and the workpiece to be cleaned. A certain size of the cleaning tank corresponds to a certain power, and the ultrasonic intensity during design is generally considered to be twice the calculation of the ultrasonic power of 0.5 to 0.8 W/cm 2 . b. The ultrasonic generator, that is, the power source, is a working part that generates an electromagnetic oscillation signal and provides energy, and has two types: self-excited and excited. c. Ultrasonic transducer is a vibration plate, which converts the electromagnetic vibration generated by the generator into ultrasonic vibration of the transducer itself, and is generally classified into a magnetostrictive type and a piezoelectric type.

Ultrasonic cleaning process The four elements of the ultrasonic cleaning process are the cleaning solution, cleaning temperature, cleaning time and sound intensity of the Yantai filling machine. Ultrasonic cleaning fluid for cleaning fluids is most commonly used for water-based cleaning fluids. To select the pH of the cleaning solution, it is necessary to consider the decontamination efficiency of the cleaning solution, and also to consider the material of the cleaning workpiece. Pay attention to the following points when cleaning: a. The liquid level should be 1/2~2/3 of the effective depth of the cleaning tank, the liquid level should be at least 100mm higher than the vibration plate, and it should be 30~50mm without cleaning parts; b When the cleaning liquid is recycled, the liquid inlet speed should not be too fast, so as to avoid introducing gas and weaken the cavitation effect; c. The performance failure of the water-based cleaning liquid is usually judged according to the PH value detection, the use time, the appearance change and the cleaning quality, and the failure At the surface, colloidal flocs are formed and particles are precipitated at the bottom.

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