Establishment of industry standard coordination mechanism

Establishment of the industry standardization coordination mechanism Date:2014-09-06 09:11
At present, China’s standards for sporting goods use a standardized management system with unified leadership and division of labor. It has the characteristics of division by administrative region and industry and follows the pattern of government administration. Departments overlap and overlap, responsibilities are unclear and responsibility is not Qing, making sports goods standards management agencies, many levels, many links, affecting the efficiency of the work, but also makes the standard formulation, revision lags behind the changes in the enterprise and market standards, and reduce the effectiveness of standardization work. It is difficult for enterprises and market demand to feed back to the standard management departments in a timely and accurate manner. Standards cannot truly, comprehensively, and effectively reflect the interests of related parties, especially the interests of users, the requirements of enterprises, and changes in market demand. Therefore, standardization management agencies and work agencies must break the boundaries of the original government administration and establish a representative of all stakeholders of standard interests such as sporting goods production companies, vendors, research institutions, government departments, certification, inspection and inspection agencies, and consumers. The National Sports Products Standardization Technical Committee and several sub-committee committees, approved by the National Standardization Management Committee, have unifiedly drafted and reviewed draft national standards for sporting goods; organized and approved the issuance of standards for this industry association; and guided the standardization of sporting goods companies. In order to avoid repeated overlapping of industry standards, an industry standardization coordination mechanism should be established. Formulate standardized management rules that adapt to the market economy, and establish a work mode that is transparent, open, and conforms to WTO/TBT regulations and meets international standards, solves the problem of the disconnection between standardization work and the market, and improves the efficiency and practicality of the revision of sport goods standards in China.

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