The guide has personally experienced the inside of the curtain

If everyone is ready to buy curtains, I hope this article can save you a lot of money. This is what the netizens have personally experienced and it is absolutely useful. Even if you don't buy curtains for the time being, you may wish to take a look at it and learn about the secrets of some businesses.

I have been a salesperson for a few years, and one thing prompted me to leave and start my own business. Because I think the customer is too stupid, the money is too good to earn, why should I work for others!

This is the case: When I got off work this summer, the boss was very excited to ask our salesperson to eat. We don't know what happened. At the dinner table, the boss told us that after the introduction, he talked about a business, a three-storey villa. The boss asked smugly, guess what the total price is? When we saw the boss so happy, I guessed it. I guessed 30,000 and another salesperson guessed 40,000. The boss smiled smugly and said a number that surprised us: more than 120,000. We have calculated it in our minds. According to the conventional 70%~80% profit, the boss earned at least 80,000. In other words, this one will be paid back to the mall for a year's rent. It’s hard to be a guest.

This villa has a total of 15 windows with an average wall width of 10 meters. If the curtains are made in a ratio of 1:2 (the curtains have wavy pleats), the cloth and yarn are about 300 meters each. The material used is a piece of cloth with a price of 208 yuan/meter and a piece of yarn with a price of 188 yuan/meter. Customers also went to 128 yuan / meter and 108 yuan / meter. The customer is very happy and thinks that the level of his counter-offer is very high. Who knows that the purchase price of cloth is 34 yuan / meter, the purchase price of window screen is 16 yuan / meter. If this customer unfortunately saw this article, it is estimated that he will not sleep well for a few days. Fortunately, people who buy villas have money, I believe he can stand up.

A friend with good mathematics may be jealous of me: "You are screaming! 300 × (128 + 108) = 70,800 yuan, how can there be more than 120,000?"

This is the secret of the curtain business! Please be patient.

Buy curtains must see: the secret of the curtain business!

First, the components of the curtain

Most customers who buy curtains think that buying curtains is to buy curtain fabrics. Is there any doubt?

â–²The curtain shop salesperson will tell you that the curtains include: curtain fabric (including yarn), lace, plumb bob, cloth tape, hook, track, Roman rod, track pulley, ball (tether), decorations, blackout cloth, roll Curtains, vertical curtains, etc. Except for curtain fabrics, blackout fabrics, roller blinds, vertical blinds, and window sills, the rest are called "accessories."

Remember: [The more the "attachment" of any item, the more stupid it is. 】 It is as if you are not only paying for your mobile phone, but also paying monthly fees, caller ID, SMS notification fee, MMS fee... You will feel that the call is very cheap now, how can the pockets go down? The so-called "blunt knife cuts the meat does not feel pain" is to describe the customer.

Buy curtains must see: the more accessories the curtains are, the more stupid

Second, the detailed explanation and price of each component of the curtain


1) Curtain fabric, which is 2.8 meters high and 2 meters high (for balconies, floating windows, other small windows, and under the window without hanging): about 20~25 yuan/meter, rarely more than 30 yuan. There are only one or two in the general store. The price is generally 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88...108, and there are also black hearts of 128, 188, such as my original boss.

2) Window screening: about 10~15 yuan/meter. The price is the same as above, and some are even higher than the curtain fabric. And slow! Is the price just a standard? Congratulations, you got it! The same price of the same price tag is to meet different grades of customers. We often encounter customers who are "only asking for expensive, not asking for good". Some bosses are proficient in customer psychology, and the curtains of the same price are beautifully marked with low prices, so that customers are very surprised to find a "cheap", so that customers are easy to place orders, not willing to shop around.

(About "fixed height": domestic curtains only have these two heights. When selling, the width is calculated. How much is the price per meter? If you are looking at the curtains with a height of 2.8 meters, you only need to make curtains of 2 meters high. Then the cut cloth must be with the curtain dealer, can be used to make tablecloths, air conditioner covers, etc.)

â–² lace: four sides of the curtain (please note: the four sides refer to the curtain of a window to the two sides, there are four vertical edges) and the decorative cloth strip at the bottom. There are many kinds of laces. Because of the beauty, women usually choose curtains. The price of each board (the lace is wrapped around the cardboard) is 8 yuan, a total of 20 meters, that is, the purchase price of the lace is about 0.5 yuan / meter. Sales price: 5~15 yuan / meter.

â–² lead pendant: a belt wrapped with lead particles. Sewed on the four sides and the bottom of the curtain, it is said to increase the drape of the curtain. Plumbs generally have 80 grams, 100 grams, 120 grams, and 150 grams. Purchase price: 1 yuan ~ 1.5 yuan / meter. Sales price: 5~15 yuan / meter.

â–² cloth tape: stitched at the top of the curtain for the hook. Purchase price: 0.8 yuan / meter. Sales price: 5~15 yuan / meter.

â–² Hook: used to hang curtains. A big bag of 15 yuan. Generally delivered.

â–² Track: Installed on the top of the wall. It is divided into two types: straight rail and curved rail. Curved rails are used for floating windows with corners. No matter how many kinds of tracks the curtain dealers put out, there are actually three main types: aluminum-plastic, aluminum, and all-steel. Three more in order. The purchase price is 4 yuan ~ 15 yuan / meter. Sales price: 15~88 yuan / meter.

â–² Track pulley: the supplier distributes with the track. Some curtain dealers will also count the money.

â–² Roman rod: installed on the side of the wall, acting on the same track. The material is usually a layer of wood on the outside, with a layer of aluminum embedded in the middle. The Roman rod is very beautiful, but the material is simple. The purchase price is similar to the track, but the sales price is generally better than the track.

â–² tie the ball (cable): used to hold the curtains when the curtains are closed. The cable tie is generally free to help you with the fraction of the curtain cloth you bought. The price of the ball is 3~8 yuan/pair. Sales price: 10~20 yuan/pair. If you are slaughtered, the boss will give you a generous free delivery. You will think that this boss is "very good!"

â–²Decoration: Don't be on the curtains, such as dragonflies, butterflies and other crafts. Purchase price: 3~5 yuan/piece. Sales price: 5~10 yuan/piece. Ibid., there are also offers.

â–² shading cloth: a plastic-like cloth coated with opaque pigments. Optional when you need curtains that are completely shaded (such as a bedroom, a conference room with a slide). The shade cloth is hung directly on the opposite side of the curtain. Purchase price: 10 yuan / meter. Sales price: 15~25 yuan / meter.

â–² roller blind: plastic curtain with landscape or fish, flower, character pattern, generally used in the bathroom and kitchen. Purchase price: Calculated according to the size of the window, generally 30~40 yuan/frame. Sales price: 60~120 yuan/frame. Please note: the accessories for the roller blinds are factory-fitted.

â–² vertical blind: it is the kind of strip-shaped grille curtains, generally used for large windows. A few tens of dollars, very cheap, businesses generally do not want to recommend, can not earn much. The accessories are also compliant.

▲Window: The banner at the top of the curtain is usually fixed on the curtain box to serve as a decoration. Because the window sill is very narrow, and can be spliced ​​(the window pleats are more pleats, and the fixing does not need to be unfolded), it is generally used to make extra cloth for other customers. For example, the height of the curtain fabric is 2 meters, and some customers only need to make 2 meters high, and the extra cloth can't think of it. So the cost is almost zero. Sales price: 100~200 yuan/window.

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Buy curtains must see: detailed explanation and price of each component of the curtain

Third, take you to buy curtains

Now you know all the secrets of the curtains. Let's take a look at the beautiful curtains at home with the least amount of money.

â–² Curtain fabric and yarn:

Don't ask where the origin and texture are, it makes no sense. Use what I said before, take a look at the pattern, the color, and touch the feel (in fact, this is not important, the curtains are not used to touch the home), take a look at the drape. Remember, you are already an expert, don't listen to the salesperson's introduction too much, they don't know much about the curtains (the curtains don't have much to understand!), they are all talks.

The first feeling is very important, like to remember in the heart, casually ask the price, it is best to say some shortcomings, such as "is the color is too light" "flowers are not very good-looking (in fact, they like it)" and so on. Don't say: "I like this very much!" "Turned for a long time, this is good!" "This hanging bedroom must be very beautiful!" In this case, the salesperson listened to my heart and did not know how to open the flowers, your A sentence may lose a few hundred dollars! Because it is difficult to bargain below!

â–² Set the curtains and yarns. Let's talk about the accessories below.

Remember the price of the attachment! Can understand the telling salesperson that you have been to the wholesale market, know the wholesale price. As soon as she is dumbfounded, she will argue that their "good goods" and "brands", people are "noisy cards", the quality can not be guaranteed. You can tell her bluntly that this is not a high-tech product. If you can't talk about it, don't believe that she is losing money. It's not that there is no profit. The profit is still very high, but the store rent is too expensive, and the profit is not enough.

Simply put, really like the curtains you are looking at, the price of the accessories will let it!

a) Orbital or Roman rod: the track should not exceed 15 yuan / meter, the Roman rod should not exceed 20 yuan / meter,

b) Lace: If you like, buy it. Lace should not exceed 3 yuan / meter, remember that the cost is less than one yuan per meter! Lace is only beautiful, and there is no brand saying.

c) Tape: The tape should not exceed 3 yuan / meter, the most simple thing, the curtain dealer can't fool it? You underestimate their IQ, he will come up with several to show you, telling you that the density of the tape is different, this is relatively sparse, it is relatively dense, it is encrypted. Choosing encryption is good, anyway, the best is no more than one yuan per meter.

d) Do not exceed 30 yuan/window. The window is beautiful but very simple, that is, a piece of cloth is used to make a semi-circular or wavy look.

e) Hooks, cable ties and the like are included.

f) Take the ball, decorations, etc. to the Luokou market, not too many types!

g) Do not cover more than 50 yuan / window, unless your window is very large. Rolling shutters are calculated on a square basis, and the cost is more than ten yuan a square meter.

Wait, you forgot to say that the plumb has fallen. Tell you, forget the lead! Especially if you have chosen lace. Let's talk about the "lead pendant" in detail below:

â–² lead pendant

Plumb is the most shameless thing in the curtain attachment, saying it is shameless, because it is cheap, and it has little effect, but it has to earn a lot of money! It is the favorite of curtain dealers. The effect of the plumb is said to be used to increase the drape. The drape is determined by the curtain itself (such as thickness)! The plumbs are added to the sides of the curtains, which seem to play the role of pressing the curtains, especially when it is windy. The question is, is there a strong wind in your home? Please close the window when the wind is blowing! When the window is open, the curtains are pulled on both sides, and there are tie or tie balls. What is the lead? What's more, isn't the curtains fluttering a beautiful landscape? (just kidding). I really don't worry, please fold the four vertical sides of the curtains into a hard banging vertical edge.

The most stupid thing is to add a plumb bob at the bottom of the curtain, completely destroying the wave-like shape of the curtain! ! !

The curtain ceremonies will threaten you, don't add a plumb bob "Do not blame me", smiled. The curtains in our house didn't have a plumb bob, it was very sloping! Samples of the curtain shop are both lace and plumb. Remember: Curtains can't wait to add his plumb bob to your tablecloth.

Also remind you: Lead is a heavy metal that is harmful to the human body!

Buy curtains must see: how to buy curtains with the least amount of money

Fourth, the highest core secret of curtain profits!

What is the biggest secret of curtain makers making money? annex!

I have been in the world of curtains for a few years. In just a few days, customers have "played" the door. It is not a problem with the quality of the curtains (the curtains almost do not involve quality problems, I have said it many times), but the price is problematic. Someone has to ask, is the price not good? Yes, the price is good, the problem is that you are talking about the unit price, and the curtains are installed. The total price list that the installer takes out will scare you. why? This is to start with the particularity of the curtains. For other goods, talk about the unit price and multiply it by the quantity. Curtains, the walls of each house are not the same width, and the height is not necessarily. You can't report the size in the store. The size must wait for the curtain dealer to go to your home. In theory, after the size comes out, the total price can be calculated. The curtain dealers will not tell you, and will scare you.

When the curtains are installed, the raw rice has already been cooked into cooked rice. You can only tremble with your hands and feel the money. (There are strong and unwilling to pay). After talking for a long time, why did the customer talk about the price and be surprised at the total price? This question is very complicated, let us give an example:

You have a 3 bedroom, 2 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, a total of 7 windows. Among them, 3 rooms and 2 halls have to be filled with curtains (referring to the conventional practice of curtains hanging to the floor and occupying the entire wall), and a total of 5 walls of curtains. For the sake of simplicity, we assume that each wall is 3 meters wide. In a ratio of 1:2, your home needs 3×2×5=30 meters of curtain fabric. If you want to match the yarn, you need 30 meters of yarn.

The cloth you talked about is 30 yuan / meter, the yarn is 20 yuan / meter. You have a rough calculation in the curtain shop, which costs a total of 1,500 yuan. Plus the attachments, rough and rough, less than two thousand yuan to get! You are happy to go home. Sorry, this is your account. The curtain dealer has another account.

His account tells you: You need to pay a total of 5,910 yuan. See you stunned, he kindly told you, just pay 5900 yuan. See you crying, he quickly said, forget it, give an integer, 5,500 yuan. See you want to call the police, forget it, make a discount, give 5,000 yuan. Save a thousand dollars for you, don't hurry to pay for it?

I know that you still don't understand, why is it that 2000 yuan will not become nearly 6000 yuan?

The key point is that you don't put the attachment in your heart!

People have habitual thinking, always thinking that buying curtains is of course the curtains occupy the bulk, other accessories, just for the curtains, can spend a few dollars? It’s as if you are going to eat, the meal costs 200 yuan, and the box fee costs 50 yuan. You can accept it, but the problem is that the box fee is 880 yuan!

Buy curtains must see: the highest core secret of curtain profits!

Let me give you a detailed look at:

Lace 10 yuan / m; plumb bob 5 yuan / m; cloth belt 10 yuan / m; track 20 yuan / m; tie ball 10 yuan / pair; roller blind 2 (kitchen and bathroom) a total of 200 yuan; window å¹” 100 yuan / window.

According to the conscience, the above prices are all right, not slaughtering you, and you haven't taken care of the small numbers like 5~10. Let's start counting:

There are two curtains on one wall (opposite), a total of four vertical sides, each of which is 10.4 meters in 2.6 meters, plus a bottom edge of 6 meters and a total of 16.4 meters, plus yarn, each window requires 32.8 meters of lace. 10 yuan per meter, a total of 328 yuan. Similarly, the number of meters required for the plumb is the same, the price is 5 yuan / meter, 164 yuan. Cloth belt 10 × 6 (width) × 2 (yarn) = 120 yuan; track 20 × 3 (wall width) × 2 (yarn) = 120 yuan; window 幔 100 yuan; This way you need 842 yuan per window attachment. A total of 5 windows, need 4,210 yuan. Plus the roller blind 200 yuan, a total of 4410 yuan. Everything else is delivered, including free installation.

Understand, the accessories far exceed the curtain fabric and yarn! ! ! Among them, the lace is 1640 yuan, and the plumb bob is 820 yuan. These two costs you 2,460 yuan.

The most important thing is that the attachment is not worth it! In other words, the attachment is the profiteering of the curtain dealer! ! ! This is why the price of curtain fabrics in many shops in the world of curtains is very low! Because they don't need to make money on cloth and yarn at all! Maybe you don't believe it, sometimes they even give cloth and yarn to you below the purchase price! In this case, if you say that I only need cloth and yarn, then even if you want a container they will not sell!

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