Winter dry and cold test wardrobe carefully maintenance does not let the wood change wood

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese solid wood wardrobe net ] There are unexpected circumstances, the wardrobe also has a blessing. Faced with natural factors such as sunlight, air, seasonal changes, and human factors such as moving, placing, transporting, cleaning, dusting, etc., even a slight negligence and carelessness may cause fatal injuries to solid wood wardrobes. Those who have black eyes on the maintenance of solid wood wardrobes, the exquisite solid wood wardrobes have reached their hands, no doubt into the ghost gates, fierce and rare. And now into the winter, the dry and cold weather also tests the solid wood wardrobe, in order to prevent the solid wood wardrobe from becoming a dead wood, the following four maintenance techniques must be learned.

1, avoid direct sunlight solid wood wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance

Dry weather in winter, while fully enjoying the warmth, it is necessary to increase the indoor air humidity to prevent cracking of the solid wood wardrobe.

In the winter, the solid wood wardrobe needs a humid environment. It is best not to put it near the radiator to avoid the long-term illumination of the solid wood wardrobe in whole or in part.

If it is baked at a higher temperature for a long time, it is easy to cause local cracking, warpage, deformation and even local qualitative change of the wood. Therefore, the wooden solid wood wardrobe is best placed to avoid the sun, or to use a translucent tulle curtain to separate the direct sunlight, so as not to affect the indoor lighting, but also to protect the indoor wooden solid wood wardrobe.

2, use the essential oil to wipe the solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance

The solid wood wardrobe care essential oil contains natural orange oil that is easily absorbed by wood fiber, which can effectively lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from cracking and deforming, and nourish the wood, and let the wood reproduce the brilliance from the inside to the outside, prolonging the service life of the solid wood wardrobe. .

3, when heating, indoors is best to humidify

Winter wardrobe

Wardrobe maintenance

In winter, the air is dry, the indoor humidity is low, the fine particles of dust and other harmful substances are more, and the heating brings a large increase in harmful gas components such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, and the degree of air pollution is intensified, which gives bacteria and germs Breeding and spreading provide a "hotbed" that will also cause some damage to wooden solid wood wardrobes. Therefore, the wooden maintenance of wooden solid wood wardrobes can not be lack of awareness.

4, solid wood wardrobe anti-dry treatment

Wardrobe maintenance

Wardrobe maintenance

In the winter, the weather is dry, and some well-maintained solid wood wardrobes will crack. This is more difficult to do, generally in order to avoid the cracking of the solid wood wardrobe, when choosing a solid wood wardrobe, you need to be more cautious. Like the simple wood solid wood wardrobe, there are some products to automatically adjust the relative humidity in the air, so that the solid wood wardrobe is in a more comfortable environment in winter or summer, the life of the solid wood wardrobe is more secure.

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