10099-141 fetal calf serum Australia Gibco original

10099-141 fetal bovine serum Australia Gibco original one, fetal bovine serum 1, traits, appearance light yellow clarification, no hemolysis, no foreign matter slightly viscous liquid. 2, protein content 3.5% ~ 5.0% (w / v) 3, hemoglobin content ≤ 0.02% (w / v) 4, sterility test negative 5, mycoplasma test negative 6, bacterial endotoxin ≤ 5 (EU / ml) 7 , bovine diarrhea virus negative 8, E. coli phage negative 9, support cell proliferation (Sp2/0-Ag14) growth curve (inoculation concentration) maximum proliferation concentration ≥ 2.5 × 106 cells / ml cell doubling time ≤ 15h cloning rate ≥ 85%

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