Screen printing defects analysis - color difference

4. Color difference

The difference between the color of a certain pattern on a printed fabric and a technical standard or a certain pattern color on a printed fabric is called a color difference. Chromatic aberration is the result of a combination of hue, brightness, and purity.

Reasons: 1 The hue, color light, color saturation, etc. of the used pigment pastes are inconsistent with the production process requirements. 2 It is not accurate to weigh the coating when preparing the paste. 3 There are different colors of residual paste in the container containing the printing paste. 4 The consistency of the pulp, the density, thickness, humidity of the fabric, the speed at which the squeegee runs during printing, the pressure, the amount of pulp, and Other factors all affect the change in the hue, brightness, and purity of the pattern color on the fabric.

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