Nivea Massage Shower Gel

In cooperation with Weener Plastics Packaging AG, German Plastic Packaging has created an outer packaging for the new Nivea series from Beiersdorf. This package design is very creative, the top cover is a shower head massage ball, consumers can enjoy the massage at the same time comfortable. Of course, the material for the key massage heads was Thermoback K of German Polytherm. The excellent plasticity of this material gives the appearance of the massage head a blue translucent and soft texture with a refreshing appearance. In addition, its anti-skid and anti-damaging properties make the product safe and durable to a high degree, and the surface of the thermoplastic elastomer adheres. Sex has a strong anti-water function, even in the shower when there will be a dry feeling, you can use directly to the skin, convenient and healthy.

Source: Industry Packaging Solutions

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