Tianjin Sanqiao automatic multi-row pellet packing machine has stable performance

Recently, the reporter learned that Tianjin Sanqiao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.'s automatic multi-column pellet packaging machine has stable performance and has repeatedly won the title of national high-quality products.

The machine is suitable for automatic packaging of particles, liquids, and sticky materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries. Its characteristics are high-speed 400 bags/minute (eight columns, stable operation); pre-film feeding device has automatic correcting system, bag making stability; intermittent sealing method, reliable and reliable sealing, beautiful bag type; electronic control system is of good quality, Siemens PLC control, Japan servo control bag length, touch type man-machine interface, Japan Fuji temperature control system; pneumatic components all use FESTO products; convenient operation and maintenance, fault display, automatic shutdown function; The metering device has no dead corners and is easy to clean and conforms to GMP standards; it can store ten sets of different packaging specifications. The optional device for the machine is a thermal printer, material level detection, and a feeder.

According to reports, the aircraft features a maximum width of 1000 mm for packaging materials. Four to eight continuous automatic packages can be completed according to the width of the bag. The debug metering device can meet the measurement accuracy requirements of granular materials. Smart brand positioning, stepless bag length adjustment, variable frequency speed control, PLC control, man-machine interface parameter setting (using Japan's Mitsubishi products), imported intelligent temperature control instrument, electric cutting position adjustment, optical fiber inspection packaging material automatic correction, etc. Advanced automation control, so that the overall performance and stability. It also has functions such as display of operating parameters and automatic bag making, metering, filling, sealing, slitting, typing, easy tearing, and continuous slitting.

According to reports, the company's predecessor was Tianjin Light Industry Packaging Machinery Factory. Through the reform of property rights and asset restructuring, Tianjin Sanqiao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. The company has achieved ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, automatic multi-column particle packaging machine and vertical bag filling and packaging machine produced by advanced technology, complete series, over the years by all sectors of the user's favor and trust. The products cover the whole country and are exported to many countries and regions in the world. The market share ranks first in the country. The company's product quality is stable. It has won many titles of national quality products at various levels. It represented China's packaging machinery products to participate in international fairs and won the gold medal at the Leipzig International Fair in Germany. It won the first gold medal in the international market for China's machinery products, 1987 Won the national quality gold medal.

User satisfaction is their success. This is the philosophy that the company has always advocated.

The company said that Sanqiao products are deeply loved by many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. Tianjin Kangshifu in the food industry, Hebei Hualong, Hebei Santaizi, Henan Jinyuan, Henan Guohua, Henan Pinzheng, Henan Smet, Shenyang Jinchu, Shenyang Longdi, Nanjing Wangshi, Guizhou Superstar, Shanxi Hongteng, Jinfeng Group, Dairy Products Shijiazhuang Sanlu, Xi'an Yinqiao, Inner Mongolia Yili, Inner Mongolia Mengniu, Jiangsu Weiwei, Jiangsu Dadi, Baoji Huimin, Shaanxi Heshi, Nanshan, Hunan, Guangdong Chemical Industry, Heimei, Shanghai Lux, Guangzhou Procter & Gamble , pharmaceutical industry, Wuhan Jianmin, Guangdong Sanjiu, Benxi three drugs, Hainan Sanye, Guangzhou Baiyunshan, Guizhou Magic, Guilin Sanjin, Liuzhou Jinzizi, Yangcheng Pharmaceutical, Henan Bell Rui, Hebei Qiheng, Harbin Pharmaceutical Sixth Factory , Nanjing Chengong, Shanghai Green Valley, Sichuan Shifengle of chemical industry, Zhengzhou Sanonda, Henan Kefurui, Henan Zhongwei, Rushan Huanyu, Yantai Tengda, Shanghai Duolianxi, Wenzhou Longwan and other companies have or are Use three bridge products. It is reported that Sanqiao Packaging Machinery has sold more than 30 countries, such as Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, the United States, Egypt, and Tanzania.

Source: China Packaging News

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