Basic Principles of Printing and Adjustment of Stamps (Part One)

Normally, the size of the stamp is 30mm x 40mm, the scanning input accuracy is 400dpi, the photosetting accuracy is 4000dpi, and the output is 300 lines/inch, requiring extremely rich levels and infinitely varied colors in a very small range. The performance of stamp paper (90g/m2) is far lower than that of high-grade album paper (157g/m2). Therefore, the field density and dot gain rate required for proofing must be stable so that correct proofs can be seen during adjustment and adjustments can be minimized. The number of image data files reaches the goal of restoring the original.

Proofing data management

Offset proofing, gravure proofing and digital proofing must all be conducted in strict accordance with the requirements of color management, so that the provided proofs can be used as a reference value and serve as the basis for scanning, drawing adjustment, revision and editing, and final approval. Table 1 shows the data management of offset proofing, gravure proofing, and digital proofing.

Table 1 Data Management Contents of Offset Proofing, Gravure Printing, and Digital Proofing

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