New smart packaging will be popular in the international market

Recently, NanoMarkets, a US research company, said that due to the advent of a variety of electronic printing technologies, the emergence of more sophisticated packaging became possible. In the future, electronic information can be printed on the packaging as long as it is printed, and as the technology continues to improve, the price of such packaging will continue to decrease and eventually become an affordable commodity.

Afterwards, the packaging produced by special printing equipment will be healthier, safer, and more wear-resistant, and will be more convenient to use. Moreover, the electronic tags, OLED displays/lights, and small batteries on the package will also be more compact, beautiful, and attractive to consumers. According to researchers from NanoMarkets, by 2011, the volume of smart packaging produced through electronic printing technology could reach US$11 billion; in 2013, it was US$200 million.

NanoMarkets has been tracking and analyzing potential markets for advanced materials. Recently, NanoMarkets has published a large number of reports concerning the application of nanoelectronic technology, film/electronic printing materials, and production methods.

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