Glue-booking machine rubber roller heating device

Glue-booking machine The rubber-wheel heating device includes a rubber wheel, an output shaft, a sprocket, and a frame. The rubber wheel is integrated with the output shaft, and the output shaft is matched with the frame through the bearing. Its characteristic is that the output shaft consists of a shaft sleeve and a fixed shaft. The shaft sleeve is fitted with a fixed shaft through an oil bearing. The rubber wheel is in the shape of a cylinder. There are projections in the cylinder bottom plate. The shaft holes are formed in the projections. The cover is provided with a cover plate at the top of the cylinder. The heating plate and the heat dissipation plate are installed in the rubber wheel. The fixing shaft passes through the rubber wheel projections. Connected to the heating plate, the two sides of the heating plate are fixedly connected to the cooling plate. The other end of the fixed shaft is connected with a fixing block, the fixing block is fixed on the fixing plate by screws, and the fixing plate is mounted on the frame. A hole is opened in the middle of the fixed shaft, and the wire is connected to the heating plate through the inner hole of the fixed shaft. The other end of the wire is led out through the fixing block. The structure of this glue-packing machine rubber heating device is simple, the installation is convenient, the rubber wheel is heated fast, the preparation time for heating the glue-binding package before the machine is short, and the efficiency of the glue-binding machine is high.

Source: China Packaging News

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