New Year's new weather "war pox" in the end

The acne crisis, let MM people complain, how can we run these stubborn acne! Indiscriminate rubbing and random squeezing are all wrong means. The so-called soldiers will block the water and cover the soil, understand the characteristics of acne, in order to achieve the "war pox" in a targeted manner, thus winning a comprehensive victory!

Is acne caused by incomplete cleaning? Many MMs are convinced that washing their face with soap or strong cleaning products causes excessive cleaning, which in turn increases skin irritation and excessive dryness. The occurrence of acne, and facial soap contains macromolecular thickener, which will block our pores and cause more acne. In fact, since acne is a slight skin inflammation, of course, it is necessary to reduce inflammation, and then repair it!

Be wary of misunderstanding: no skin care products

To acne

If you have a long acne, how to do it, especially when the acne is out of the crowd, the temperament has already scared a lot of MM, and even dare to act rashly, think that it is the skin inflammation period, so refuse any skin care. In fact, this is also an unscientific practice. We should promptly treat the acne with anti-inflammatory treatment and special protection.

War acne slogan: anti-inflammatory thick

If the acne comes out overnight, don't squeeze, rub, scratch or rub the acne that has formed, but use acne products for anti-inflammatory, apply the thick paste on the acne, second The acne will become smaller and the inflammation will be relieved. If you accidentally break the acne, use a clean cotton swab to gently press around the wound, and then clean the pus and immediately apply the anti-inflammatory skin care product to the affected area to avoid a bigger wound surface.

War Pox Weapon: Butterfly Cui DHC Anti-Acne Whitening Essence

The water-soaked DHC acne whitening essence can not only improve the formed acne, but also play a multi-effect skin care effect from the aspects of preventing acne, diminishing acne marks and adding skin transparency. Apply partial or full face. The use of the entire face not only prevents long-term and repeated acne, but also enhances the transparency of the stratum corneum. It also has a significant effect on adult pox caused by dryness.

Beware of misunderstanding: air drying can go to acne

To acne

Because acne always gives people the feeling of oil and oil, some MM naturally think that the acne after air drying can quickly fall off to avoid acne marks. In fact, acne and moisture are not related, skin cells contain water. If the skin is air-dried, it is actually removing the water from the cells. Once the skin is dry, the protective layer of the skin will also be damaged. The number of bacteria in the pores will also increase, and the skin will become taut and peeling. Preventing the production of acne will cause another kind of disaster, but the skin that needs to be carefully served in the winter will be inflamed and all kinds of acne toss. It has long been fragile to be repaired, otherwise it is very It is easy to brew dry and tight, fine lines and other skin conditions.

War pox slogan: repair sputum

The acne has disappeared seven or eighty-eight, but the early improper stimulation may leave a little impression on the shallow acne. Although the acne marks will disappear sooner or later, it is estimated that no MM can safely endure the acne marks. When you are on the face, since you can't challenge the skin's ability with strong acne products, why not try the skin care products with repair function, not only to regulate the health of the skin, but also to help eliminate the residual acne marks.

War pox weapon: La Roche-Posay (microblogging) LAROCHE-POSAY acne cleansing cream

It contains double antibacterial ingredients to accelerate the drying of red, swollen and inflammatory acne, and relieve skin discomfort in time. Synergistic vitamin B3 and LHATM octanoylsalicylic acid can effectively inhibit acne marks, accelerate skin renewal, effectively act on every link of inflammatory reaction, reduce the discomfort brought by acne to the skin, and quickly dry acne within a few hours. It inhibits pock marks and is comfortable and gentle, suitable for topical use.

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