Spring skin care focus is younger and also needs antioxidant

Through the cold and dry winter, the weather gradually warms up, but the spring skin continues to dry and lack water in winter. In this season of easy allergy and dryness, in addition to moisturizing, anti-oxidation is also the top priority of this spring skin care. Antioxidant is a long-lasting battle. The sooner the effect starts, the better. Let us take a look at antioxidants first!

Everyone needs antioxidants

First, everyone needs antioxidants

Everyone needs antioxidants, regardless of age or gender. Antioxidant care is especially important for people who smoke, love to sun, and work under pressure, because your skin cells are more vulnerable to external damage than ordinary people. Don't be scared by the words “potent antioxidants”. Antioxidant ingredients are “outside” rather than “inside” unless you are allergic to certain ingredients and they have no side effects on the skin.

Essence is the best choice

Second, the essence is the best choice

Antioxidant skin care products need to enter the skin in order to play the role of protecting cells. Use before creams and sunscreen barriers. Antioxidant day creams are also available on the market, but their primary role is in sunscreen isolation. To achieve the desired results, you need an antioxidant lotion (many primers have a very good antioxidant effect) to match the daily maintenance of moisturizers.

Antioxidant helps reduce sensitivity

Third, anti-oxidation helps reduce sensitivity

If your skin is sensitive and you want to try an effective anti-aging skin care product that may cause irritation, then it may be used with a repairing skin care product. The repairing skin care product itself has good antioxidant effect and can help alleviate it. Stimulating reaction of the skin.

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