Li Ka-shing PK Jin Yong Dafuhao Villa Feng Shui Analysis

The beauty of the car, the luxury villa, is almost a sign of successful people.

The mansions of these successful people and everything related to the interior of the mansion are so eye-catching, and they are worth a hundred times.
It is said that Li Ka-shing has a royal feng shui master. Because this Feng Shui master has the name of Li Ka-shing, the idlers are not invited.

Regal Villa

Regal Villa

The ancient Feng Shui master believed that the feng shui was the best place in the “mountain ring water hug” and “Tibet wind gathering”. The “mountain ring water hug” is directly influenced by the beauty of the mountains and rivers. From the perspective of magnetic field, aesthetics and psychology, it is indeed an ideal choice. Therefore, the ancient Coats inhabited Lin Biao, the wealthy residents of developed countries moved between the mountains and rivers, which are the three flavors of Feng Shui.

When building a villa, it can be built according to the principle of Feng Shui. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the occupants can create a perfect Feng Shui house, and let the house be the main person to enhance the fortune. This is the embodiment of the true people-oriented Feng Shui concept.


"House Sutra" æ›°: "The home of the people, the people are better than the house, if the security, then the family is Jichang; if it is uneasy, that is, the door family declines." Those super rich who admire all the people, choose their own When staying in the house, always be cautious. Their success, in addition to their own factors, is there a place worth exploring in Feng Shui?

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