Hydra cleansing new choice to wash out the tender skin

If the foamy cleanser has always been your only default cleaning product, then this winter, perhaps you should go into the colorful world of cleansing products and find the one that suits you best, even if it is not so expensive, it will bring you unexpected The new realm of hydrating cleansing.

A new choice for moisturizing cleansing

LOTION&CREAM Emulsion and Cream

The harsh environment in winter makes the skin's water content drop rapidly, the skin is easier to dry, and the U area of ​​the face is prone to tightness. If you have such a situation, try a lotion or creamy cleansing product. When using, first moisturize the face with warm water, then use a lotion or cream-type cleansing product to gently clean the skin while gently rubbing, and finally rinse with water. This kind of cleansing product contains certain moisturizing ingredients, so it can bring more smoothness and moisture to the skin while removing dirt, reduce the water loss caused by cleansing, especially for dryness, aging and sensitivity. Skin type is used during dry seasons.

SOAP Facial Soap

Facial cleansing soap once gave the impression of being clean and strong but too dry. After washing, it is easy to make the skin tight and lack of water, so there is a long time away from the public's sight. However, with the upgrade of technology elements and raw materials, cleansing soap has returned to the big family of cleaning products, and has received a lot of attention: in addition to the powerful decontamination ability of soap itself, the facial soap has more natural extracts. Such as rosehip seed oil with high antioxidant and anti-aging effects, as well as honey, olive oil and even expensive ginseng extract, which are effective for moisturizing and softening the skin. Of course, you need to use your hands or foaming balls to remove the cleansing soap and use foam to clean and moisturize the skin. In addition, unlike the traditional soap form, the liquid type of facial cleansing soap adds more moisturizing ingredients, even Dry skin can also be tried.

POWDER cleansing powder

Although the powdered cleansing products are the emerging types of clean products that have only entered the line of sight in recent years, they have quickly become the new favorite of women, especially among Asian women. Most cleansing powders contain enzymes, so they are effective in removing excess oil and old dead skin cells, making them ideal for blackheads and acne. In addition, the small package of cleansing powder is easy to carry, especially suitable for business trips. However, when using cleansing powder to cleanse the skin, be sure to use a foam to cleanse the skin in the palm of your hand to ensure that it works best.

Oil Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil has a powerful makeup dissolving power, and if you use makeup all year round, it will be an indispensable cleaning product. However, when choosing a cleansing oil, you should choose a different type of cleansing oil in combination with your skin. For example, green tea extracting cleansing oil is more suitable for combination skin, while olive oil cleansing oil is more suitable for dry skin. But no matter what product you choose, make sure that the cleansing oil you choose uses natural vegetable oil instead of mineral oil. Nowadays, the ointment type derived from cleansing oil is born. As the skin is continuously massaged, the paste will slowly transform into oil. It is like a micro massage for the skin.

WATER Cleansing Water

The cleansing lotion combines the qualities of a cleansing lotion and a lotion to gently cleanse the skin without any irritation. Even if you have a make-up, the highly effective cleansing lotion with cleansing effect can be completely and easily removed by wiping. At the same time, there are many skin cleansing waters that do not need to be used after use, no need to use lotion, cleansing the skin while achieving moisturizing and keratin conditioning skin care effects, multi-effect, time-saving and efficient. However, any cleansing lotion is a partner of cotton pad, which thoroughly cleans the dirt with a gentle wipe, while minimizing the irritation of the cleansing skin, making it ideal for dry, sensitive and fragile skin in winter.

FOAM foam type

Even in winter, the complete removal of shine and dirt is still the biggest cleaning appeal for oily skin. Although this is the masterpiece of the gel type cleanser, its excessive cleansing power will also take away the natural oils needed for the skin to moisturize. Foam-type cleansing products are more suitable for winter use. They not only have strong degreasing and cleaning power, but also the delicate cotton foam will not damage the skin's water and oil balance, and help the winter skin moisturize. A cleansing foam that can be automatically converted into a foam by a liquid press is also worth trying. It is not necessary to manually remove the bubbles, and it is more convenient and warm to use in the cold winter.

Flushing new method

As the final step in the cleansing of the facial skin, clean water is not the only option for the rinse process. Different natural selections can bring more nutrition and comfort to the skin in the dry and cold winter days, and finish the winter cleansing!

1, light coconut milk - moisturizing soothing

After cleansing, mix with warm warm water and coconut milk in a ratio of 1:1, and then wash the face with repeated lightness. This method is especially suitable for sensitive skin that is stimulated by cold winter, which can moisturize and soothe the skin.

2, green tea - eliminate edema

Dilute a cup of green tea in the washbasin with water to wash the skin. Long-term adherence not only helps to brighten the skin, but also the caffeine in the tea has the effect of eliminating edema. It is especially suitable for morning use on the face with a little puffiness. .

3, baking powder (bakingpowder) - promote regenerative

“In the final rinse stage of cleansing, add a teaspoon of baking powder to the water and rinse the face. This will help the old dead skin cells to fall off naturally. This method is more suitable for oily than dry and sensitive skin. With aging skin.

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