The classic beauty oil in the skin care industry, this season must have moisturizing magic

If you are a dry skin girl, you can add a few drops of care oil directly after the lotion, which will have a good moisturizing effect; if you are an oilfield girl, don't worry that it will get more oil, it can help you adjust Grease balance. This is the magical beauty oil, this season's must-have items!

Beauty oil

It is said that beauty oil is really a very good item. What are the benefits? We can learn from Q&A.

Q What is beauty oil in the end? Beauty oil is a high-purity essential oil that can be used on the face, hair and body!

Beauty oil is actually a high-purity facial essence. It has no annoying stickyness. It can respond quickly to various small problems such as dryness, peeling and sensitivity.

Most of the beauty oils contain pure natural essential oils, aromatherapy oils or vegetable oils, which have a magical effect on skin care. In addition, the balance of water and oil in the beauty oil can make small molecules add water from the deeper layers of the skin and avoid facial shine. Therefore, not only dry skin can be used, oily skin can be used safely as long as it avoids summer.

What are the benefits of beauty oil?

What are the benefits of Q beauty oil?

The benefits of beauty oil are a lot!

1. Although it is oil, the nutrient molecules are relatively small and can easily be absorbed by the skin;

2. During the dry season, the rich oil and fat ingredients are especially moisturizing to help retain moisture;

3. Can be used as massage oil, plus special techniques can help the body detoxification, accelerate blood circulation of the facial skin, eliminate edema;

4. Some beauty oils have special effects, such as whitening, anti-aging, etc.;

5. Of course, you occasionally use it as a cleansing oil, a lip mask, or a smear on the hair ends.

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